REVEALED: Why Women Don’t Choose Men That Are Good for Them

why women do not choose men that are good for them
Women choose the men that they feel attracted to, but not necessarily the men that are good for them.

If you ask a woman the type of man she is willing to date or gets into a relationship with, she’ll answer with something like: “I want a NICE GUY who comes from a good family… who is sensitive, caring, romantic, dependable… a man who can be my best friend… etc.”

But when you’re out and you look around, you will notice that the majority of women seem to be found with truly “bad boys”, or guys who are exactly the opposite of what they say they want.

Why is that?

Truth is, it’s not what women SAY they want, but it’s what they are ATTRACTED to.

Women choose the men that they feel attracted to, but not necessarily the men that are good for them. As dating expert David DeAngelo has written: “When we are attracted to someone else, it takes control of us and there’s almost NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.”

Acting OVERLY nice never makes a woman to feel attraction for you

Most men try to prove themselves to women that they are good for them by giving them gifts and flowers.

They take a woman out to fancy dinners and spend tons of money on her to prove that they can provide for her and all that.

They smother women with attention, call a woman 24/7, etc., in the hopes that the woman feels attracted to them.

Yes, these acts may seem like the way to go about getting a woman to like you. But truth is, not only do women find such behaviors and actions UNATTRACTIVE, but they see them as a manipulation tactic men use to try and have s*x with them, and nothing more.

Sure, women like nice things and attention and pampering. But trying to impress a woman with money and nice things WON’T make her feel attracted to you.

If you have the belief that a woman should feel attracted to you because you do nice things for her, then you’re dead wrong.

Truth is, no amount of dinners, gifts, or favors, will make a woman feel attraction for you.

Buy gifts and do favors for a woman you’re already in a long-term relationship with… and not a woman you’re trying to attract.

You may be the right guy for a woman – the guy who can provide for her and all that. But if you DON’T do things or act in a way that triggers the feeling of attraction inside her, you don’t stand a chance of getting her to feel attracted to you.

So what type of man does a woman feel attracted to?

  • A man who is totally confident with himself and with women.
  • A man who doesn’t try to please a woman or win her affection with gifts. But demonstrate to her he’s the prize.
  • A man who takes the lead role with women and takes charge of situations.
  • A man with a sense of humor who can make her laugh without trying too hard.
  • A man who can communicate with her on an emotional level… who listens to her, understands her and can tap into the way she feels about a topic.
  • A man who is adventurous and fun to be around.
  • A man who is not afraid to express his opinion or disagree with women when they’re in the wrong.
  • A man who can give her that feeling of se*ual tension, through touching, flirting, etc.
  • Women also feel attracted to a man they CANNOT CONTROL… a man who can deal with their tests and drama. A man who seems to be a challenge to her… or who doesn’t give her what she wants, so to speak.

To summarize… the kind of man women find attractive and go for is a man who is the OPPOSITE of the needy ‘nice’ guys she meets most of the time.

If you can be this type of attractive man or embody the above qualities, you will make a woman feel attraction for you. But if you follow what movies and society teach you on how to ‘nicely’ treat a woman, then you’re going to spend a lot of money and invest a lot of time and energy on a girl or woman who may never feel attracted to you.

Conclusion: How to make a woman choose you from the crowd

As you’ve learned, it’s not acting OVERLY nice that causes a woman to find you attractive…

…it is NOT calling her 24/7, doing her favors, or spending money on her that makes her feel attraction for you.

It’s about exhibiting MANLY personality.

If you want to make a woman choose you from the crowd, you have to stand out in an attractive way.

First and foremost, you have to avoid the ‘nice guy’ behavior, and then demonstrate attractive personality traits. Because, as I’ve explained, women are far more attracted to attractive personality traits you exhibit than being nice and acting wimpish.

Now, here’s the good news… if a woman or a girl feels a strong attraction for you, it doesn’t matter whether you are ugly-fat, lives on the street, or have a zero balance in your bank account. if she feels attraction for you, there’s almost nothing she can do about it but pursue you.

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