Nice Guys Finish Last

Girls (or women) are great people…

…and a guy ought to treat them in a way that makes them happy.

Despite their confusing and complicated nature and somewhat bratty behavior, they still deserve to be treated nice and loved.

When we are with a girl or a woman we are interested in, we should be attentive to her. Treat her with respect. Open doors for her and let her go in first. Bring her flowers when the occasion calls for it. Compliment her (genuinely) when she dresses very elegantly. And even prepare a home-cooked dinner when they come over to our place.

We have to show we care like a Real Man.

Now, whiles this chivalry makes girls feel good inside and loved and consequently fall for a guy, most guys go overboard and end up with nothing to show for it.

These guys are what we call the Nice Guys.

They treat girls overly nice or constantly do overly-nice things for girls. And usually, NEVER get what they set out to get.

How The Nice Guys Act or Behave Around Attractive Girls

…or the girl they want to have an intimate relationship with:

They treat the girls (or women) overly nice – they willingly do favors for girls, including the ones unasked for, and give a girl everything she wants and asks for.

Nice guys go out of their way – sacrifice their life and time – just to please the girl they have feelings for.

Nice guys don’t want to irritate or make a girl they desire angry. Here, not only do they refrain from doing things that will make the girl angry at them, but they also hold back from expressing their opinions around the girl because they don’t want to lose her or mess up their chances with her. Nice guys don’t want to do anything that may screw up the possibility of landing the girl so they kiss up to girls and always apologize for the little mistakes.

The nice guy is extensively sensitive, extensively caring, and extensively romantic.

And as if nice guys’ extensively nice gestures aren’t excessive enough, they also give control to girls. Nice guys want the girl to decide what to do for the day, when to go out, where they should go to eat, and whatnot.

Nice guys go out of their way to please girls they have feelings for.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being nice to a girl or a woman… as I mentioned at the beginning, girls are wonderful people

But where nice guys mess up most is that…

…they spend months and even years with a girl and DON’T express their romantic interest in her whatsoever.

The nice guy DOESN’T demonstrate his sexual interest in a girl – he won’t let a girl know his intention or make a move for fear of scaring the girl and messing up his chances with her.

He’s so concerned that he’ll be perceived as a player or one of the bad boys.

So here, the nice guys play it safe and don’t want to do anything that will make the girl reject him.

Nice guys have the belief that if they are different from other guys and are best friends with a girl, and particularly if they behave the opposite of the bad boys, this will eventually get a girl or woman into bed.

Again, the nice guy is so concerned that he’ll be perceived as a player or one of the bad boys… so, he’s going to be different – to give the girl the impression that he’s a guy who wants to be her friend, someone who’s NOT interested in her sexually.

To put it simply, nice guys look to girls to make the first move or to give them the go-ahead to get intimate or sexual with them.

And this is to say, everything the nice guy does is to impress a girl in the hopes that the girl will like him, feel affection for him, and eventually score or get an intimate and sexual relationship out of it.

Now, the downside to the Nice Guy attitude – the ultimate reason nice guys finish last

Nice guys’ interactions have no spark and are sexually empty – there is no passion and lust or that sexual tension – the factors that make a girl want to be intimate with a guy.

They exhibit chivalrous behaviors but disregard the vital factors that will actually cause the girl to want to be intimate with them.

Plus, because the nice guy doesn’t show his interest in the girl, the girl regards him as a friend and consequently, she easily falls for another guy.

So, all said and done…

…when it comes to getting girls, nice guys finish last, provided they finish at all.

Even should the nice guy express his feelings to the girl, it will likely be too late for him to get the girl. Either the girl meets someone else or she becomes uncomfortable getting intimate or sexual with him because he becomes too much of a friend than a potential lover.

Nice guys’ interactions have no spark and are sexually empty.

So, there you have it…

…why nice guys finish last, provided they finish at all.

The nice guy lacks self-confidence…

…he is indecisive.

And therefore, finish last, provided he finishes all.

Nice guys basically plead for sex.

They think they have to do favors for girls to get them or have girls fall in love with them.

They look to girls to give them sex instead of getting the girls’ interests and creating scenarios that lead to sex.

They look to girls to get intimate… so they orbit around a girl until the girl slips and says something sexual or suggestive and suddenly, they want to get intimate.

So again, there you have it…

…why nice guys finish last.

I hope this article has given you an insight into how to not lose a girl.

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