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Understanding Girls: Why They Behave the Way They Do

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Ever wondered why girls or women are so confusing and complicated and don’t make sense at times?

For instance, you will have a girl who easily gets upset over petty things… gets emotional, and starts throwing tantrums. Ever wondered why that is?

You will have a girl who acts loving and shows signs of interest and even flirts with you and whatnot but seems uninterested afterward.

Most girls will even flirt with other guys in your presence but act loving to you later on.

Why is that?

There are lots of things girls and women do that baffle understanding…

…and in this article, I reveal to you why.

We are the cause

You see, women since puberty have guys pursuing them nonstop.

They are used to having guys complimenting them, kissing up to them, putting them on a pedestal, and satisfying their every whim.

Even the ‘average’ girl has been approached, courted, and flirted with more times than we’ve had breakfast.

Our desperate need to get women into bed has given them a reason to behave the way they do.

Women behave the way they do because we’ve given them power over our lives by putting them on a pedestal.

They hold a lot of power over us, and they know it.

Women know they have something we desperately want… and they learned at an early age how easy to use it to manipulate us and get us to do their bidding.

They know that men will do anything and everything they want and give them whatever they ask for just for the opportunity to get the one thing they supposedly control… sex.

A girl is going to act bitchy…

…because she can afford to be choosy.

When it comes to dating and relationships, girls have so much power that they CAN afford to be choosy…

…power we’ve inadvertently given to them by way of desperately pursuing them and putting them on a pedestal.

They have nothing to lose because they have lots of men pursuing them.

The average girl gets approached so often that she can blow off any guy.

A girl cares less when a guy doesn’t show interest in her… because she believes she has the potential to be with someone better, so there’s no downside for her.

With men approaching her on a daily basis, she knows she can have any man she wants and she can replace a guy with the next guy that comes along.

Heck! she can decide if she wants you around.

Now, if a woman believes she can have anything she wants anytime she wants it then what have you got that she can’t get from another guy…

…hence the reasons they behave the way they do.

(Here’s a secret tip: A girl or a woman will be insanely attracted to you when you’re desirable.)

Women have so much power that they CAN afford to be choosy.

Most women’s strange and confusing habits are also tests…

…tests to see how we will react.

A girl or a woman will do things to test your masculinity, your standard, your dominance and authority, and whatnot… to see if you’re a real man or just another wimpy guy she used to date.

Women test us to see if they can control and manipulate us.

They even test to achieve control… especially when we are acting manly and they’re losing their power or hold over us.

They test us by giving us the cold shoulder, making demands, commanding, whining, being emotional, acting bratty, etc.

An example of how women test men

You will notice that a girl or a woman will suddenly change her behavior towards you…

…one minute she’s all-loving and affectionate, the next minute she’s a cold fish. She will be flirting with you initially… then the next thing you know, she’s very cold and distant.

When you fail a woman’s test…

…it tells her she owns you and she can easily manipulate you.

She also knows exactly what to do to get her way.

However, when you pass, it tells her you’re a man who is in control… a man who is not fazed by her moods. A man worth keeping.

Most women’s strange and confusing habits are also tests to see if they can control and manipulate us.

Now, the next behavior you will notice most girls exhibit is…

Drama… getting upset or angry over petty things

Wanna know why that is?


…because they don’t get things their way or you don’t do things to their expectations, especially not falling prey to their test.

You see, women are used to getting things their way… they are used to having guys do anything and everything they want and giving them whatever they ask for, including having guys lie down and walking all over them.

Now, this has given them the notion that they can have whatever they want whenever they want it.

So any complaints and bickering are the frustration of their inability to control the relationship the same way they have with other guys.

In other words, a woman will get upset and emotional when she meets a man she cannot control… a man who is a challenge to her.

Truth is, you might not even know what all the fuss is about… because it will not make sense.

Most emotional outbursts are often her way to express her frustration. Good news… when you can make a girl or a woman mad, that is a sure sign that you’re a challenge to her. And that’s a good thing. [Read: ‘Why Taking the Risk to Anger a Girl Is the Best Way to Make Her Feel a Strong Attraction for You’]

When you can make a girl or a woman mad, that is a sure sign that you’re a challenge to her.

Why they act loving yet seem uninterested?

If you can tell a girl has a thing for you but acts uninterested… she’s playing hard to get.

You see, when you meet a girl and she sure is interested in you, she will not throw herself at you.

Even when she seems loving and flirty towards you, she will still make it difficult to have her to yourself.

Wanna know why?

Because she doesn’t want to seem easy…

…and thus, if she’s difficult to get, then she’s valuable. [Read: ‘Why Girls Play Hard to Get’]

To many guys, this is a frustrating experience that not only causes them to feel discouraged but does in an annoying way.

But look at it from the girls’ perspective…

…they don’t want to come off as an easy catch.

And not only do they love the chase (for the sake of being a girl and worthy of being chased), but they also want to be sure if the guy is really interested in them and if he will go to the trouble to have them.

Make sense, right?

Girls play hard to get not only because they can, but because it works.

Why they deliberately try to make you jealous?

Here, you will notice her talking to another guy on the phone in a way that is intended to make you jealous or get a rise out of you.

Some girls even go to the extent to flirt with other guys.

All these are done to get our attention and most at times our interest.

Moving on

So yes… there are lots of things women do that baffle understanding.

Some are very confusing and frustrating, others make you angry and bitter.

…now, how do you deal with this

First of all, embrace it…

…embrace their quirks.

Women have a nature… and failing to embrace it will cause you to lose your patience, make you angry and bitter, and even mistreat them.

Don’t allow a woman’s behavior to get under your skin

Accept them for who they are and have fun with them… knowing well they’re going to act strange afterward.

Girls are gonna be girls…

…and you cannot change that.

Aside from the power and control they believe they undoubtedly have over us, their behavior per se is biological and emotionally based, and it doesn’t make sense most times.

They are hardwired to behave the way they do.

So if you’re going to succeed with women, you gonna have to embrace their quirks and not take things personally.

Just about every behavior that a woman exhibits, no matter how little sense it makes, has some positive intention behind it.

Look at it from their perspective…

…acting bitchy is often to weed out losers, tests are their way of testing for our masculinity, drama is often to get attention, and their ‘hard to get’ game is also used to make sure that a guy is really interested in them and will go to the trouble to have them, jealousy is also a way of getting our interest.

So again, failing to embrace their quirks or behavior will cause you to feel negativity towards them, which will only reveal to the woman you’re not the right man for her. But if you can accept that that is how women are, you won’t be fazed by their behavior.

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Stand out and make yourself desirable

Now, knowing why women behave the way they do, you’ve been given a clue as to how to make them feel a strong attraction for you or how to make them want you.

As you’ve learned, women believe they hold power over men and that they control men…

…now, to have a woman see you as unique and attractive and more importantly desirable, you need to stand out from the men she’s used to dealing with.

How do you do this?

By being a challenge to her and then demonstrating dominance.

You’re a challenge to a girl or a woman when she cannot control you… and by demonstrating dominance, this means you have power over her.

Make it a point to let women know that they cannot control and manipulate you as they have with other guys.

When a woman tries to act bitchy towards you, stand firm and nonverbally communicate to her that no matter how beautiful and irresistible she thinks she is, you’re not going to lie down and let her walk over them.

Keep an eye out for their tests and games and never react to them.

When a woman gets upset, know that whatever you’re doing (standing out and being desirable) is working. Know that she isn’t actually mad at you… she’s just reacting to your display of self-discipline and self-confidence.

Truth is, women feel a strong attraction for men they feel are more powerful than them, men they cannot control… so don’t allow a woman to take over your life and control or manipulate you.

Your inability to be controlled by women, passing their tests, and beating them to their own games is a challenge to them…

…and it consequently increases their attraction for you.


So there you have it… why girls and women behave the way they do.

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