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Why Do Girls Choose Men Not Worthy of Them?

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Question: Why do girls choose men not worthy of them?


Because these ‘unworthy’ men excite emotionally plus turn them on, and hence they feel an unconscious attraction for them. (Unconscious attraction in the sense that, their feelings for these men are not logical… it’s emotionally based.)

First of all, these ‘unworthy’ men have behavioral attributes that girls find attractive…

…they are confident, fun as well as have untamable qualities that are challenging and yet interesting to girls.

Secondly, they do things to excite girls, which causes the girls to feel a strong attraction for them.

These are things girls don’t find or get in the men that are supposedly ‘good’ for them.

You see, attraction for girls happens unconsciously to how good we make them feel on an emotional level and also how good we make them feel on the inside…

…and these ‘unworthy’ men, in truth, are good at arousing these good feelings.

And the more a girl is attracted to this type of man, the less she will be attracted to any other man who doesn’t give her those good feelings.

To you, a man who is worthy is probably someone who is nice to girls and does everything a girl wants. Someone who gives a girl whatever she asks for, including spending expensively on her. Someone who ‘respects’ girls to offend them, and is always apologetic.

Yes, it makes sense that girls should be attracted to such a ‘nice, worthy’ man. But unfortunately, this type of man doesn’t excite girls. This is the type of man girls don’t find interesting, not to mention attractive… because he’s missing the qualities that make girls feel attraction.

It is not enough for a girl to simply like a guy. We have to appeal to a girl’s emotions and feelings… most especially her feelings.

Unlike the ‘worthy’ men who are at the beck and call of girls, the ‘unworthy’ men don’t suck up to girls or put them on pedestals. Plus, they don’t let girls control them. This is a dominant personality trait, and girls have an unconscious attraction for men who demonstrate this particular trait.

What you probably don’t know and what girls won’t tell you is that they feel unconscious attraction for men or guys whom they cannot control… the men who seem like a challenge to them on all levels and never kiss their ass EVER. This is something the ‘worthy’ men don’t demonstrate for fear of losing a girl.

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