FAQ: Why Do Females Play Hard to Get?

Question: Why do females play hard to get?


  1. to convey that they’re not easy
  2. to appear valuable
  3. to be certain their pursuer is really interested in them and not just after sex
  4. to make their pursuer chase them to feed their self-esteem and nothing more

I go into detail.

Conveying that they’re not easy

When the typical female has a romantic interest in someone, she won’t want to get intimate with him right away for fear of being perceived as easy…

…so she will play hard to get to make the guy appreciate that she is not easy.

Appearing valuable

Similar to #1 – “conveying that they’re not easy”, most females also play hard to get to appear valuable or difficult to attain.

Females enjoy the thrill of being chased – they enjoy making us guys jump through strings of hoops and go the extra mile to win them over.

They watch movies and documentaries where their fellow females are being chased and they want to have that experience too.

Plus, they know we’re after something and they will make us work hard for it.

Being certain that their pursuer is really interested in them and not just after sex

Most females also play hard to see their pursuer’s commitment to them.

In their mind, if their pursuer goes to the trouble to win them over or get them, then their pursuer really wants them.

You see, females’ need to want to be in a romantic relationship with a guy is not only dictated by their attraction to the guy, but also by their level of trust.

They won’t want to easily give up their goods and risk being used… so they play hard to get to kinda tests a guy’s commitment to them.

Sure, a female will find a guy attractive and want him, but she wouldn’t just give herself to him… she will want to trust him first.

Making their pursuer chase them to feed their self-esteem

Naturally, females play hard to get to not come across as easy or cheap…

…but there are instances some females will play hard to get to just feed their self-esteem.

Especially, the physically attractive females.

These females have scores of guys pursuing them…

…they know on an intuitive level that they hold a lot of power over us guys and that they are more in command of the dating process.

Heck, they can afford to be picky…

So all in all, these hot females know they can toy with any guy they want…

…and they feel good simply because of the self-esteem boost they get from that.

So, there you have it…

…the reasons why females play hard to get.

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