FAQ: Why Can’t I Talk to Girls?

why can't i talk to girls

Question: Why can’t I talk to girls?


That’s because you’re focusing on too many negatives – what girls think of you, how they are going to react to you and whatnot.

You need to relax, be in the moment, and be confident in yourself.

When talking to girls…

…stay cool and relaxed.

Don’t be preoccupied with what they think of you.

It is irrelevant what any girl thinks of you. If a girl likes you, that’s great; if not, then so what!

Next, don’t think too much about what to say or talk about…

…just focus on what a girl is saying or on what the conversation is about, and then ask her questions on that and share your similar experiences when you have any.

Here’s a secret tip:

Girls love to talk about themselves…

…so get them talking about themselves and follow up with questions relating to what they say. And when you have a similar experience to share, you do so.


To eliminate your fears about talking to girls, have no agenda or goal…

…talk to her for the sake of talking.

When all is said and done…

…don’t hurry through your conversation, don’t be speaking too fast.

Slow down. Take your time.

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