Why Am I So Attracted to Him?

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Question: Why am I so attracted to him?


It’s because of how he makes you feel, or to put it simply, how you feelemotionally and even sexually – when you’re with him or thinking about him.

This is everything from, how he treats you, the empathy and understanding he demonstrates toward you, to the commonality you share, including being similar and even liking or loving the same things.

All in all, he gives you good feelings plus you tend to click with him, and thus, you feel a strong attraction for him (you feel so attracted to him).

What causes initial attraction:

  1. a guy’s physical looks, including his height and how well-built he is, can spark attraction – called ‘physical attraction’.
  2. the positive (or attractive) personality traits about him – his sense of humor, his self-confidence, how he carries himself, his passion, his kindness, his altruistic behavior, and whatnot – could have you drawn to him.
  3. his genuine interest in you (who you are and what you’re about) can have you feel attracted to him – this, I term “emotional attraction”.

…but we tend to feel a strong attraction for someone when we have a strong emotional connection with them and also feel a strong sexual attraction for them.

So when a guy makes you feel good – emotionally and even sexually – you will start to feel so attracted to him.

So there you have it…

…why you’re so attracted to a guy.

I hope this article has given you an insight into why you feel attracted to a guy.

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