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FAQ: Why Am I Attracted to Him?

Question: Why am I attracted to him?


It’s because of certain positive (or attractive) traits he has or how he carries himself.

There’s physical attraction – where you could be drawn to his looks (including his height and how well-built he is), but other than that, you’re likely to be drawn to his personality – that is, his sense of humor, his self-confidence, passion, kindness, his altruistic behavior, and whatnot.

Even his genuine interest in you (who you’re and what you’re about), and also being similar to each other can have you feel attracted to him – this, I term “emotional attraction”.

I fell in love with a girl just because she was a good cook. Before that, I didn’t feel attracted to her… heck! I wasn’t physically attracted to her. So the feeling of attraction I was experiencing wasn’t on looks (since she wasn’t the type of girl I will normally go for) but I was attracted to her because of her food – because she cooked delicious meals.

Attraction to others is NOT a choice…

…we don’t get to decide who we should feel attracted to and who we shouldn’t.

This is why we feel attraction towards certain people, and not towards other people.

So when you meet a guy and he’s good-looking or he exhibits attractive behaviors or has certain positive traits about him, you begin to feel attracted to him.

So there you have it…

…why you’re attracted to a guy.

I hope this article has given you an insight into why you feel attracted to a guy.

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