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FAQ: Where Should I Take a Girl On a First Date?

Question: Where should I take a girl on a first date?


Take her to a place or places where you can show her an interesting and unique time. Don’t go the dinner and movie route.

You can go to someplace cool for sightseeing.

You can go to a carnival.

You can attend a fair.

If she has an interest in art, go to art festivals or an art exhibition or visit the art gallery.

Heck! You can even go to the mall and have fun there.

Next, head someplace for drinks or get something to eat. Afterward, you can go to the movies.

Your date with a girl should be memorable and fun. And your goal here should be to maximize the time you spend together.

Don’t date in the traditional sense…

…where you only take the girl out to dinner and possibly to a movie.

Break from this traditional way of dating.

You see, when it comes to making a girl feel an attraction for you, you need to do things differently…

…you need to stand out from all the other guys she’s ever been on a date with.

Every guy she’s ever been on a date with (provided she’s ever been on a date before) without much doubt took her to dinner alone.

So again, you need to do things differently and stand out to get her interest.

What makes girls feel an attraction for guys

Girls want to have fun and have a good time… and any guy who gives them that fun experience is the one they will be attracted to.

So to have a girl attracted to you is to do something memorable and fun with her.

Take her out and show her an interesting and unique time.

This will be something she’s never experienced with any other guy before… and hence, will make her feel an attraction for you.

And with this, she will want to get together with you again and repeat the experience.

Your goal, when it comes to dating a girl, is to give her an emotionally fulfilling experience. That is, connect with her on an emotional level and give her a good time while at it. [Read: ‘How to Connect with a Girl or a Woman on a Deep Emotional Level’]

So there you have it…

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