Where Does Female Ejaculate Come From?

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Question: Where does female ejaculate come from?


…from the Skene’s glands and out through the urethra (the duct girls or women pee from).

The ‘Skene’s glands’ is a fluid-producing organ located within the upper vaginal wall.


There’s a difference between female ejaculate and squirt.

Female ejaculate (or female ejaculation) is the scanty thick whitish milky fluid that flows out the vagina during sex or when a girl or woman masturbates… whereas squirt is a clear fluid like urine a girl or woman gushes out during sex or masturbation.

Comparing the two…

…female ejaculation looks like milk, whereas squirt looks like clear urine.

Female ejaculation comes from the Skene’s glands and out through the urethra, whereas squirt comes from the bladder and also out through the urethra.

So, there you have it…

…where female ejaculation comes from.

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