What Mistakes Do Men Make While Going Down on A Girl?

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If there’s one thing that girls or women secretly desire and crave when it comes to sex, the one thing that they love more than any other sexual activity, the one magical, pleasure-filled act that makes them cum the hardest…

…it is CUNNILINGUS – having their entire pussy licked and explored eagerly and completely with a WARM, WET TONGUE.

Question: What mistakes do men make while going down on a girl?


  1. moving too fast.
  2. rushing through cunnilingus to get to the sex.
  3. being in a hurry to make the girl come.
  4. not showing passion (or enthusiasm) for going down on the girl.
  5. not varying stimulation.
  6. lingering in one place for too long.
  7. moving around too much.
  8. changing techniques too early.
  9. changing rhythm at the wrong time.
  10. not providing enough clitoral stimulation.
  11. not applying the right kind of clit stimulation.
  12. being too rough on the clitoris.
  13. being too slow when they need to go faster and apply more pressure.
  14. and failing to finish what they started – not giving their woman or significant other an orgasm.

So, there you have it…

…the mistakes men make while going down on a girl.

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