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What Makes for An Enjoyable and Fulfilling Relationship?

We long for love.

We long for a bonding and romantic experience with another human being.

We long for someone to love us as we have always secretly desired to be loved.

But best of all we long to have an enjoyable, fulfilling relationship.

Everyone desires to have an enjoyable, fulfilling relationship.

But what makes for an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship?

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The relationship we all desire

This kind of relationship involves a special feeling of comfort and awareness between you and your lover – you feel closer to each other than you do to anyone else.

There are trust and respect.

There are strong bonds and connection.

You’re concerned about each other’s well-being.

You’re genuinely interested in each other and not after what one can offer the other.

You make compromises because of the love you have for each other.

You are crazy about each other.

There is nothing to fear.

Your relationship is more open and more trusting.

The most rewarding part of an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship is that you’re happy, you enjoy doing things together, you like being around each other for extended periods even without being sexual, you understand each other better and appreciate each other, you are best friends, you talk about anything and everything, you always encourage each other, you never criticize, you easily pick up each other’s problems and you resolve it with ease, you help and guide each other, you mutually respect each other’s dreams and are willing to support.

This kind of relationship lasts for the long haul because you feel closer and closer with each passing day.

It even involves your partner getting upset with you and you understand and accept it… you understand each other even in the madness.

You see, the true love that exists between you two takes the relationship that special even farther.

So, there you have it!

All these good qualities are what always make for an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can never have difficult times, you could…

…but in such a good strong relationship, you will be able to deal with any difficulty.

This is a relationship we all desire to have.

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I hope this article has given you an insight into what makes for an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

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