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What Is the Liquid That Comes Out of Women During Sex?

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Question: What is the liquid that comes out of women during sex?


There are at least two liquids.

  1. Female Ejaculate
  2. and Squirt

Female Ejaculate…

…the thick white milky fluid (or liquid) like semen (not semen though) that flows out the vagina during sexual activity or when a woman masturbates.

This liquid (Female Ejaculate) comes from the Skene’s Glands…

…and it is discharged via two small ducts located on the left and right side of the hole women pee out of (the urethral opening).

Female ejaculate is discharged when women are extremely aroused and their clitoris – the tiny pink organ at the top of the vulva (the pussy) – or their G-spot is stimulated (the G-spot is an erogenous zone inside the vagina on the top side of the vagina wall about 1-2 inches or two knuckles past the vaginal opening).

…it usually comes about or happens right after a powerful clitoral orgasm.

Female Ejaculate is a thick white milky liquid.

The second liquid that comes out of women during sex…


…a clear liquid – like urine – that women gush out their vagina during sex or masturbation.

Squirt comes from the bladder…

…and gushed out of the urethra (the place women urinate out of – their pee hole)

Unlike Female Ejaculate, Squirt is very watery in nature – like urine.

Women gush out Squirt (or women squirt) when they’re extremely aroused and their G-spot is stimulated intensely and for a prolonged period of time.

…and this happens (the squirt gushes out) right before or during an orgasm – and a powerful one as such.

So, there you have it…

…the liquids that come out of women during sex.

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