What Is the Best Way to Go Down on A Woman?

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Going Down on a Woman E-Book

If there’s one thing that girls or women secretly desire and crave when it comes to sex, the one thing that they love more than any other sexual activity, the one magical, pleasure-filled act that makes them cum the hardest…

…it is CUNNILINGUS – having their entire pussy licked and explored eagerly and completely with a WARM, WET TONGUE.

Question: What is the best way to go down on a woman?


First, you get her into a comfortable position – you have her lie down on her back on the bed…

…then you start to ‘french-kiss’ and lick the vulva (that is, the woman’s pussy).

You ‘french-kiss’ and lick every inch of her vulva. Including, occasionally licking and sucking her clitoris – the tiny organ at the top of the vulva.

You suck and lick up and down, in a zig-zag pattern, and side to side repeatedly with the tip of your tongue or with the flat of your tongue depending on the spot or the area. Switching things up – that is, you occasionally lick up and down and then you switch to licking from side to side or in a zig-zag pattern.

You don’t move around too much…

…as this can make the oral experience unenjoyable for her.

Neither do you linger in one place for too long.

You spend a considerable amount of time on a spot before you move to suck and lick another spot. But then you come back to the previous spot more and more often.

You start slowly and lightly…

…then you gradually increase the tempo and pressure as things progress.

You can insert your tongue into her vagina…

…and then move it in and out a few times.

In other words, you tongue-fuck her. This feels good to women.

And when going down on a woman…

…take things slow and sensual.

You don’t rush through it.

You take your time and savor the moment… slowly and lovingly lavishing the pussy and for upwards of 30 minutes.

Then when she starts pushing her pussy against your mouth…

…and even grabs your head and pushes you against her pussy, you firmly suck her clit into your mouth and then you use the tip of your tongue to firmly lick it up and down like licking a lollipop. This will make her cum in no time.

So, there you have it…

…the best way to go down on a woman.

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