FAQ: What Is Flirting?

Question: What is flirting?


Flirting is a playful behavior intended to arouse sexual feelings and desire in the opposite sex or another person.

It is talking and behaving amorously or in a manner with the intent to excite – arouse sexual feelings and desire – in a prospect.

When we flirt…

…we are signaling our interest in the other person in the hopes that they will reciprocate or flirt back to also signal interest on their part. And then take things further or to the romantic arena.

Now, even though the goal of flirting is to express interest…

…one can flirt for fun.

In other words, one can flirt WITHOUT serious intentions.

Or to put it in other words, one can flirt without looking to take things further or to the romantic arena.

He or she just flirts to keep things or interactions exhilarating.

So, there you have it…

…what flirting means.

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