What Happens When a Guy Hits Your G-Spot During Sex?

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Question: What happens when a guy hits your G-spot during sex?


…first, you may feel like you’re about to urinate – this is because of the G-spot’s position, it is right along the urethra (the duct you pee out of).

Then subsequently, there’s an intense sensation or pleasurable feeling – a warm, flushing feeling that will resonate deeply throughout your body.

This may be followed by an ejaculation – a thick white milky fluid that will flow out of your vagina.

…then if the guy has the stamina (is able to last longer during sex) and he keeps hitting the G-spot, it will lead to an intense orgasm – a G-spot orgasm, a vaginal orgasm.

You’re also likely to squirt – this is where you gush out a clear fluid like urine from your vagina, specifically out of your urethra (the duct you pee out of). And this (squirting) depends on how aroused you are and how intense the ‘hitting’ of your G-spot is.

So, there you have it…

…what happens when a guy hits your G-spot during sex.

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