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What Girl Should I Date?

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Question: What girl should I date?


You can date any girl you want.

Any girl you meet that you like and find attractive and would want to be in a romantic relationship with is dateable.

You see, we don’t only date to make ourselves desirable and make the other person want to be in a relationship with us…

…we date to primarily evaluate the other person’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.

We date to get to know the person we want to be in a relationship with – to find out who they are and what they are about, to find out if they have the qualities we want in a partner, to find out whether they will make a great partner or be a headache.

So even though you would want to date to have a girl wants to be in a relationship with you, your primary objective is to study the girl to find out who she’s and what she’s about – to find out if she possesses the qualities of a girl you would want to be in a romantic relationship with, and whether she will make a great girlfriend and partner in the long-term and wouldn’t be a nuisance or wouldn’t cause you emotional despair.

And you’re going to have to hold off intimacy until you can tell she’s worth pursuing a romantic relationship with.

So that being said, any girl you meet that you like and find attractive and would want to be in a romantic relationship with is date-able.

To pursue a relationship or NOT to pursue a relationship

Now, when the girl has the qualities you want in a lover or partner and she proves to be a great girl to share your life with, then you move things into the romantic arena

…that is, you start doing exclusive relationship stuff with her.

But when you find she’s the opposite of the kind of girl you would want to have a relationship with, when she demonstrates bad or undesirable behavior or conducts, if you feel she won’t make a great partner, if you feel you cannot trust her, then you find someone else.

As simple as that.

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