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FAQ: What Does Hard to Get Mean?

Question: What does hard to get mean?


…it means being ‘unattainable’ to someone romantically pursuing you – even when you have feelings for them.

This is when one acts uninterest (not interested in the one romantically pursuing them) or pretends they’re not interested in having a romantic or intimate relationship with their pursuer.

This includes doing things like…

  • acting aloof when talked to
  • not answering a pursuer’s phone calls nor replying to their messages in time
  • declining dates and hangouts
  • and putting up resistance to a pursuer’s advances

One may show their availability and even demonstrate an interest in their pursuer… yet will act or pretend they’re ‘unattainable’.

So, there you have it…

…what hard to get means.

Playing hard to get is a way to…

  1. not come across as easy or convey that or make a pursuer appreciate that you’re not “easy to get” to have them work hard to get you.
  2. be valuable and create desire around you to make your pursuer chase you

…one can also play hard to make certain their pursuer is really interested in them and not just after what they can give them. In other words, to test their pursuer’s commitment to them. Here, if someone goes to the trouble to win you over, then they really want you.

Now understand…

One has to have feelings for their pursuer for their actions to be considered as “playing hard to get”.

When one act cold or completely unfriendly toward their pursuer, that’s not playing hard to get… that’s just totally uninterested in having a relationship with them.

Moving on…

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