What Girls Talk About

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What do girls talk about?

Obviously, they talk about subjects or topics that have a lot of drama and sensational possibilities…


  • Reality television shows.
  • Entertainment and celebrities’ situations girls and women love to talk about someone in the entertainment industry because there are lots of good drama here.
  • Their daily experiences… something cool that they saw. Something that was outrageous or out of place that happened. The guy that was hitting on them. How they were yelled at by their boss. The interesting they saw on their way to work. Something interesting that someone did… and whatnot.
  • Boyswhat we do on dates and the strategies and lies we tell to manipulate them into sex. Collaborating and learning. They know how the game works and how to win – that’s why they always have the upper hand.
  • Relationships – girls and women talk about relationships to take advice from each other. They collaborate and exchange information on relationships… and if something is or isn’t working, they will talk about it.
  • Fashion, including dresses and shoes – girls and women love to talk about fashion. They have a peculiar fascination with, especially dresses and shoes.
  • Other people’s drama… especially when someone is cheating on another or someone is involved in an office romance – the infamous gossip.
  • Foods girls and women are positively obsessed with this subject.
  • And other topics or subjects with lots of drama.

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Girls and women talk about subjects or topics that have a lot of drama and sensational possibilities.

So there you have it…

…what girls talk about.

Girls and women talk to share secrets, drama, and emotion… and collaborate and learn from one another.

They also talk about things between themselves to share information and listen to advise from each other.

If the subject or topic does not have drama in there, then it’s not relevant to them.

I hope this short article has given you a deep insight into what girls talk about.

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