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This Unhealthy Behavior Causes Emotional Anguish – Avoid It

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If there is one thing that can make you feel hurt, depressed, miserable, and make you lose sleep, all at the same time, it’s…

…obsessing over someone you have a crush on

This is when you become preoccupied with someone you have romantic feelings for.

Here, you find yourself preoccupied wondering where they are, who they are with, what they’re doing…

  • “What if they are on a date with someone else?”

You think about them all day…

…which you then resort to cyberstalking – checking their Facebook page, their Twitter timeline, WhatsApp status, and whatnot, to find out what they’re up to.

It’s tough to not obsess…

…especially when you have strong romantic feelings for the person.

But it’s unhealthy and it can cause emotional anguish.

When you obsess over someone…

…you set yourself up for emotional torture.

You will be crushed when you encounter the unexpected.

For instance, when you see them with someone else or when you cyberstalk and find they posted photos of another person…

…you will be depressed.

You will be contemplating…

  • “Are they seeing each other?”
  • “Are they slee.ping together?”

Fear will start to creep in.

You will hear your heart beating faster.

You will fear that you’re not valued because you don’t get the same nice treatment or they don’t give you the same attention they’re giving others.

The worst-case scenario…

…finding out they’re already romantically involved with someone else.


You will be upset.

You will feel miserable.

You won’t be able to sleep.

When you obsess over someone you set yourself up for emotional torture.

You gotta stop obsessing…

…especially over a person you’re not exclusive with.

Don’t let your mind dwell on a person you think you have a thing for.

Don’t be cyberstalking them to know what they’re up to… it’s only going to hurt when you see otherwise.

What you don’t know doesn’t hurt.

Don’t torture yourself with their personal life… instead, focus on yours. [Read: ‘How to Not Fall in Love with Someone You’re Gradually Falling For’]

If they’re giving someone the attention, it shouldn’t be your concern.

When obsession sets in, find a distraction…

…listen to music, watch a movie, cook your favorite meal, go out for a walk, hang out with your friends, go to the mall, see other people.

Do everything to get your mind off a crush.

Be bliss.

The more you think about a crush, the more you become obsessed with them… and the more emotional torture you inflict on yourself. [Watch a video: ‘Don’t Fall in Love Too Fast’ (Article Included)]

If anything…

…get them to WANT you.

Do the necessary things to create attraction.

Have them find you attractive and desirable.

Obsessing over them won’t make them want to be with you.

It’s easier to keep from obsessing over a person when you’ve got healthy distractions to keep you busy.

People have their own lives…

They have people they really like and desire slightly more…

…and poking around their life can cause emotional anguish. [Watch this video: ‘Don’t Force Someone to Have Feelings for You’]

Don’t put too much of an emotional investment out there…

…else when you don’t get the response you feel entitled to, you could turn bitter and angry.

Obsessing over someone who may not even be romantically interested in you could make you bitter and angry when they pick someone else over you.

Watch more video: Some People Don’t Really Want You for You

When obsession sets in, find a distraction.

Here’s the best way to control obsession

Have options… get into the dating scene.

Here, not only will you NOT be obsessing over a crush, but you won’t feel depressed and miserable by the fear of losing them.

The whereabouts and day to day activities of a person will not worry you, because you will have many other potential prospects you wouldn’t care what your infatuation is up to.

Options protect you from obsession.

Before You Start Dating, Read This…

So there you have it…

…the unhealthy behavior to avoid. Because it can make you feel depressed and miserable.

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