5 Unattractive Behaviors Girls Exhibit That Decrease Their Attraction to a Guy

unattractive behaviors

Every girl wants to feel loved and wanted… but there are certain things they do or behaviors they exhibit that decrease their attraction to a guy.

Either these behaviors are exhibited on purpose or they are unknowingly exhibited.

It may not seem like a big deal to the girl, but these behaviors will cause a guy to lose interest in her, and consequently, withdraw.

A guy will find a girl attractive (not just based on her looks) at first but once he notices some of the unattractive behaviors I share in this article, he is likely to withdraw. [Read the one thing about women men value more than good looks]

Given below, I give you some unattractive behaviors girls exhibit that decrease their attraction to a guy… and consequently, cause the guy to withdraw or lose interest in the girl.

Let’s get started.

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unattractive behaviors
Most guys pick up on a woman’s general behavior to determine whether they have to be with her or leave.

Some Unattractive Behaviors that Decrease Attraction

#1 – Playing extremely hard to get

The keyword here is extremely.

Yes, it is within a girl’s rights to play hard to get…

…with that she will be perceived as a good catch. Because if she is an easy catch, she will come across as, precisely, easy.

But the truth is… when you play hard to get to the extreme, it reduces its effectiveness or what it is intended to attain, and thus, makes you unattractive in the end.

What you probably don’t know is that, when you are extremely hard to get for a guy, you are somehow signaling to him you are not interested in him…

…here, with all his advances and efforts, he is going to feel he is wasting his time with you, and he won’t bother to pursue you any longer.

This is even more unattractive when you try to use the guy to your advantage at the same time.

(Hint: You need to show a little interest in the guy, and mix it up with a little disinterest. This way, the guy will have to pursue you a little, to finally have you)

“The amount of interest you show in a guy has to be just right, which will give him the indication that you’re interested and at the same time, gives him the indication that he might have to pursue you a little, to finally attain you”, says dating expert Alex Carter, author of How to Make Him Desire You.

“The keyword is ‘a little’ and not ‘a lot’. Because if you pull back too much and play really hard to get, then he will feel overwhelmed and not bother to pursue you at all. So in a nutshell, you need to maintain a good level of balance between pushing him and pulling him towards you”.

unattractive behaviors
Playing really hard to get reduces its effectiveness or what it’s intended to attain, and thus, makes you unattractive in the end.

#2 – Trying to use a guy to your advantage from a financial point of view

Not all men are the same.

Sure, it’s every guy’s responsibility to take care of his woman…

…but trying to take advantage of a guy from a financial point of view is unattractive.

It makes us loathe you, and consequently, lose interest quickly.

This is different from having your guy do romantic things for you once in a while.

But when you are money-oriented and you make a guy work for your approval with money, he is going to perceive you as a gold digger and thus will find you unattractive.

Sure, you’re attractive, the guy likes you and he gives you a lot of attention…

…but when it becomes like you are trying to use the guy from a financial point of view, your guy is likely to get fed up and withdraw.

The ‘approval-seeking’ guy will spend tons of money on you, but most guys will get fed up and leave.

You want a guy to willingly spend money on you… don’t make your relationship solely be about money and material possessions.

Understand: Most guys, especially the jerks know the games girls play, and they don’t let a girl who is money-oriented get away with it… they will take advantage of such a girl anyway they can.

unattractive behaviors
Jerks know the games girls play, and they don’t let a girl who is money-oriented get away with it… they will take advantage of such a girl anyway they can.

The next unattractive behavior that makes a guy lose interest quickly is…

#3 – Not showing interest in what the guy has an interest in

If your guy has a passion for something and you don’t show any interest whatsoever, he is going to feel emotionally distraught.

Or if he wants the two of you to do something together and you don’t show any interest, that also hurts.

Here, you are demonstrating you care less about his life.

You signal to him you are self-oriented… you are only concerned with your own desire and interests.

Now, should another girl show interest in what he loves, your guy is going to fall for her.

Do you know why?

Because this new girl complements him… he will become emotional happy and loved.

Keep your man

Show interest in his life…

…don’t fake it.

Appreciate what he loves or has a passion for, and show interest in it as well.

Genuinely like what he likes, enjoy what he enjoys, do stuff together… get involved in your guys’ life and have a happy relationship.

This is important because when you love what your man loves, you are not only signaling to him what he truly craves from you, but you are also suggesting a commonality between you and him.

unattractive behaviors
Show interest in your guy’s life.

#4 – Not telling your friends about him

In short… it communicates to him, you don’t love him or you don’t have any romantic interest in him.

How would you feel when your guy doesn’t introduce you to his friends that you’re his babe?

Emotionally hurt, right?


…that’s how we feel when you don’t tell your friends about us.

The next unattractive behavior is…

#5 – Trying to elicit jealousy or a reaction from a guy

As much as you would want to make a guy jealous, don’t do it…

…why not play hard to get instead.

If you think making your guy jealous will make him chase you, then think again.

Of course, you would want to play a little game to see if a guy is serious and willing to commit… that’s within your rights.

But if you are trying to deliberately make a guy jealous or elicit a reaction from him, then you are making a grave mistake.

Sure, the jealousy game will work on the average guy… but most guys will lose interest quickly and move on.

So play the game right, and get the attention you want.

unattractive behaviors
Alpha Men never act jealous.


So there you have it… some unattractive behaviors girls unknowingly exhibit that decrease their attraction to a guy.

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