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What to Do When You’re Too Scared to Tell a Girl How You Feel About Her

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“I have feelings for this girl, but I’m scared to tell her how I feel… what should I do?”

When it comes to dating and relationships, one of the scariest moments revolves around telling a girl or a woman you’re into how you feel about her and how you would love the two of you to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

There is this girl you really like and have fallen for, and you would want to move things beyond friendship… but you’re too scared to tell her how you feel about her.

You’re afraid… so you have your feelings bottled up.

You’re afraid of what could happen…

…scared of rejection.

Scared the girl won’t feel the same way about you.

But you really do like this girl and you want her so badly, so what’s a guy to do?

Well, fret not!

Telling a girl how you feel may seem a scary thing to do, but I have good news for you…

…show, don’t tell

When it comes to girls and romance, your words don’t really matter, it’s your actions that do – you show, you don’t tell.

What do I mean by this?

Instead of telling a girl about your feelings for her, show it through your actions.

Saying how you feel is much less effective than showing it.

It’s better to show than to tell.

Here, she will instinctively know your intentions… and not only will ‘showing’ take off the pressure of ‘telling’, but as long as she’s responding favorably it will make your advances easy.

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When it comes to girls and romance, your words don’t really matter, it’s your actions that do.

Words are not enough

Girls and women respond more to demonstrations of affection than words.

Complimenting a girl, telling her she’s beautiful, telling her your feelings and how much you love her is not enough to make her want you in return

…you should demonstrate your affection for her.

How do you do this?


…mini-date her

This is NOT the traditional dating where you ask her out to dinner and to the movies…

…this is where you hang out and spend your day having fun engaging in different fun activities. [Read: ‘Forget Expensive Dinners: Do Just This One Thing and Make a Girl Feel Attraction for You’ and ‘The First Mistake to Avoid When You Decide to Date a Girl’]

With this, you stand out from other guys and this will have her feel an attraction for you or intensify the existing attraction she has for you. [Read: ‘A Simple But Overlooked Tip that Easily and Quickly Builds Attraction with Girls’]

Girls love to have fun.

Scratch that… they WANT to have fun.

So here, you go out and have fun together… maximizing the time you spend together by engaging in fun, interesting and memorable activities.

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Girls love to have fun.

Illustrated below is how you mini-date a girl:

You can start out by taking a walk in the park talking about yourselves… or simply walk around with her and talk. [Read: ‘How to Talk to a Girl’ and ‘The Things to Talk About’]

(Hint… get physical and touchy-feely with her – hold hands interlocking fingers with hers as you walk around with her, hug, cuddle and kiss her on the forehead or cheek at the opportune moments. This will create a feeling of closeness and make you connect with her on an intimate level. [Read: ‘How to Touch a Girl for The First Time and Afterward’ and ‘If You Can Do This to a Girl without Getting Bitch-Slapped, She’s Ready to Be Kissed’])

Next, you can head to the mall and window shop a bit while holding hands. Or you can attend a fair, again while holding hands.

Next, find a place at the mall or at the fair for drinks or to have a bite to eat.

If you have beaches in your area, you can walk there… all while talking, holding hands, and connecting on an intimate and emotional level. [Read: ‘A Simple and Powerful Way to Connect with a Girl or a Woman on a Deep Emotional Level’]

If you have a hobby or you engage in something exciting like kayaking, ask her to join you.

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Getting physical and touchy-feely with a girl creates a feeling of closeness and makes you connect on an intimate level.

Use your imagination

There’re tons of things you can engage in with a girl.

Use your imagination and come up with exciting things to do together.

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…don’t do too many things at once or you might come across as you’re trying too hard to impress her. [Read: ‘How to Impress a Girl and Make Her Feel Naturally Attracted to You’]

You don’t even have to travel from place to place… you can mini-date at different parts of the same location, for instance, the mall.

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Here’s a secret tip:

The best way to have a girl fall in love with you is to get her to have a fun experience whenever she’s with you.

If she’s enjoying herself and having lots of fun and feeling good, she will feel attached to you and will want to hang out with you all the time… and thus, make it easy to build attraction, demonstrate your affection, and get intimate with her.

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Here’s the indirect implication…

Even though you’re not verbalizing your interest in the girl, she will instinctively know your intentions.

A woman or a girl doesn’t need to hear you (your words) to know you have feelings for her… and showing her through your actions will make it definite for her.

And speaking of action…

…make your move when an opportunity presents itself

This is where you make your intentions clearly known to her… that you are romantically interested in her.


…girls look to guys to make the first move. They expect and want us to. They don’t want to take responsibility, hence, they give us noticeable signals to kiss them. So watch and listen for her subtle signals to kiss her or make a move.

If during your hangouts you can tell she’s responding favorably to your advances – being touchy-feely with you as well – then BOLDLY go in for a kiss at the opportune moment – grab her by the arm, pull her close, then kiss her. [Read: ‘How to Tell If a Girl Likes You’ and ‘How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested in You’]

If she pulls away afterward, she’s probably playing hard to get to make you appreciate that she’s not easy.

Don’t worry about it… you’ve made your intentions and feelings clearly known to her.

It’s that simple…

You don’t have to necessarily tell a girl how you feel about her.

Just show it through your actions and watch her respond favorably.

If she doesn’t, then she doesn’t feel an attraction for you yet. [Read: ‘How to Be Attractive to Girls or Women’]

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The best way to have a girl fall in love with you is to get her to have a fun experience whenever she’s with you.

So there you have it…

…what to do when you’re too scared to tell a girl how you feel about her.

Telling a girl your feelings is not necessarily important to get her to want to be with you…

…simply hanging out and maximizing the time you spend together by way of engaging in fun activities and then boldly making your move is enough to ‘tell’ her how you feel about her.

Every guy she knows is verbalizing his interest and feelings without doing what’s needed to get her interest and attraction. But when YOU do things differently, without using words, you stand out…

…and not only will she instinctively know your intentions, but you stir up a strong feeling inside her and causes her to want YOU.

In my personal opinion, verbalizing your interest in a woman or a girl is like asking her permission to love you back.

Be a man.

A real man (dominant male) doesn’t ask permission, he goes after what and WHO he wants in an attractive and acceptable manner… and that means he doesn’t even have to TELL.

So if you’re too scared to tell a girl how you feel about her, rather show her don’t tell her.

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