7 Things You Think You Know About Women That Are Probably Wrong

things you think you know about women

Forget what your parents told you about women, and don’t listen to what society says. It’s true that women have a variety of tastes – especially when it comes to men. But you might be surprised that some of the assumptions you have about women are probably wrong.

In this article, we are going to look at what women really want in a relationship and understand how they highly value these qualities in a guy.

What Women Really Want in a Man

1. They want bad boys, not what they say they want

You may call them “jerks”, you may call them bad boys, but they have something that most women are drawn to.

These guys ignite subconscious attraction triggers in women which seem to contradict to what women say they want in a man.

It seems like women don’t know what they want from a relationship. They’ll tell you they want a sensitive and responsible man. A nice man with good manners. Someone who knows how to treat a lady. A guy who loves his mother. A guy who opens the door for them. Or a guy who tells them how beautiful they are.

But at the end, they fall madly in love with guys who are unrefined, cocky and obnoxious.

2. They expect you to lead, not waffle in your choices

One of the major personality traits a woman looks for is a guy who can show the leadership characteristic.

When you’re with a woman, she expects you to lead. Women want real men who can lead and take charge when it’s necessary. Guys who are able to quickly assess a situation and make an instant decision. Women want guys who are not afraid to take action.

For instance, when you’re on a date with a woman, she doesn’t like to decide where to go. They want us to choose the theater, the film and arrange everything.

3. They want a challenge, not a nice guy

The truth is women always test us – to see if we’re weak.

A nice guy tries too hard to impress women. He’s too readily available to kiss a girl’s ass and do everything she asks. This supplicating behavior presents no challenge to women. It repels women instead of attracting them.

One big secret you need to know about women is that they’re attracted to a man who makes them work for his attention. Instead of trying too hard to please a woman, demonstrate to her you’re a challenge, you have standards in your life and you don’t allow anyone to treat you less.

When it comes to dating, demonstrating that you’re a challenge is a powerful trait any man can develop. It communicates to women that you have a standard or a moral code that you strictly abide by.

4. A guy with purpose, not money

Most guys have the assumption that women want guys with money and power. It’s true that most girls are interested in men with lots of money, but it’s not necessarily because of their money.

They want to be with them because of the things money represents. A guy with lots of money demonstrates high status, therefore women prefer to be with such guys because they know they can provide the level of security and comfort that they want.

5. They are attracted to confident guys, not looks

If you don’t know by now, when it comes to dating and attracting women, your looks aren’t mandatory. You don’t have to be good looking to be desired by women. Even if you have a few extra pounds or you’re balding, you can still succeed with women.

What you need to know is, women love guys with confidence. The truth is, confidence is a desirable trait women want from men.

When you have confidence, it shows women that you’re a man of high status, you’re a dominant guy, and that you can be comfortable in any situation. Plus, you can handle whatever happens.

Acting in a confident manner tells women that little things don’t faze you. So if you want women to be attracted to you, you need to display a confident attitude.

6. They want a man, not a macho

This is one of the common misconceptions about women. Most guys think that the only way to become confident is by acting in an aggressive manner. No, that’s not what women want.

They want a man. There’s a difference between the two. A macho is loud and aggressive and full of himself, but a man is not aggressive. A man acts in a high-status manner. He has a sense of humor. He’s calm and cool. And he leads, without being pushy. Women like this type of man

7. They overpower men using drama, not influence

What you need to know about women is that they don’t influence other people the same way we do. What this means is if a woman wants to get her way, she has to use other means other than influence.

And the most common method is to use drama to get what she wants. For example, when a woman gets mad at you claiming you made her mad, the question is “Did you really make her mad?” What she’s doing here is, she’s manipulating your emotions.

The sad thing is, we take responsibility for women’s emotional states – we do things to avoid making them feel sad, angry or jealous.

Remember, no woman is “drama free”. They are addicted to drama because that’s the only tool they can use to get what they want.


Well, those are what women look for in a guy! Now you know some of the qualities that women find attractive in a guy. If you work hard on developing these personality traits, you’ll naturally be attractive to women.

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