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Things You Should Never Talk About or Bring Up in A Conversation with A Girl Or A Woman You Want to Sleep With

To ensure you don’t ruin your chances of ‘getting sex’ from a girl or a woman (that you want to sleep with), you will want to steer clear of certain topics and issues.

  • Stay away from topics or issues that are demeaning to women (or girls) – like prostitution, rape, abortion, and whatnot. If the girl or the woman herself brings up these topics, redirect it to something else and more enticing.
  • Don’t talk about her ex-boyfriend. For one, reminding a girl of a guy she likely still has feelings for might kill her mood for sex. You don’t want a girl or a woman thinking about her good-looking ex-boyfriend… you want her to be thinking about you. If the girl starts talking about her ex, change the subject IMMEDIATELY. [Read: ‘Things and Topics to Talk About with a Girl’ and ‘Questions to Ask a Girl’]

And when all is said and done…

  • never use words like “cheap”, “easy”, “slut”, “prostitute”. She will feel like you deem all girls as such. And she wouldn’t want to sleep with you for fear of being perceived or judged as such.

So when you a girl or a woman that you want to sleep with…

…you want to refrain from certain topics or discussions, and rather talk about things that will get her aroused and want to have sex (with you).

And this is also to say…

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Moving on

If a girl is preoccupied with prostitution, rape, abortion, her good-looking ex-boyfriend, and the thought that she’s likely to be perceived as cheap or easy, sex will be the last thing on her mind.

A girl needs her mind focused on you and the good feelings you stir up inside her to become sexually receptive.

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And When You Want to Have Sex with a Girl, Don’t Do This…

So, there you have it…

…things you should never talk about or bring up in a conversation with a girl or a woman you want to sleep with.

I hope this article has given you an insight into how to NOT ruin your chances of sleeping with a girl or a woman.

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