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10 Things Women Want in Bed

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When it comes to sex, girls and women only look at one thing… ORGASMS!

…and if there’s one thing that we guys desire more than anything when it comes to sex, it is to give our lovers powerful orgasms and satisfy them beyond their wildest desires.

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The biggest secrets in sex are not your special sex positions, tricks, or techniques (though they help…

it is about knowing what women want in bed.

Knowing how to drive your woman crazy with pulsating pleasure can influence the way she thinks about you for a long time.

But if you don’t satisfy your woman and bring her excitement and satisfaction to new levels, then she will very quickly forget about you and find someone else who can.

In this post, I share with you what women want in bed – what a woman expects from a man when it comes to sex.

I show you how to drive your woman completely wild in bed and give her the kind of sexual experience she craves.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Women Want in Bed

1. Women crave foreplay

They love it.

They love being teased and touched.

Foreplay is critical to a woman’s arousal.

Women not only enjoy foreplay, but they need it to get aroused before sex.

When it comes to sex, we men instantly get an erection and we are ready to go… but women are different. Women need to get warmed up before they start having sex.

If you want your woman to enjoy having sex, take your time and make sure she is adequately aroused first.

Spend at least 20 minutes on foreplay – kiss, lightly lick and kiss her neck and ears, lick and suck on her breast and nipples. Caress her body all over.

Did you know that a woman can have breast orgasms from just touching her boobs and nipples in the right way?


So pay special attention to your woman’s boobs during foreplay and even intercourse and please her in the bedroom.

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2. Women crave oral sex

Oral sex, as part of foreplay leading to sexual intercourse, is terrific.

Both are great ways to build up sexual anticipation in your woman and get her all warmed up for intercourse.

It is the single best way to help your woman reach an orgasm and even multiple orgasms as well.

Your woman will be expecting you to perform cunnilingus on her after the heavy foreplay.

So when you get her sexually excited, work your way down south and give her an exquisitely orgasmic oral experience.

3. Your woman wants you to take your time and make love to her

A lot of women complain that their men don’t take their time when they penetrate them.

Most men, the moment they penetrate their woman, are so happy to be inside her that they start pounding away like a runaway stallion.

What women want in bed, especially at the beginning of sexual intercourse, is for you to take your time.

They want us to start slow and work our way up.

Let your woman feel your entire manhood slowly enter her… and give her some time to start feeling it.

Start slow… you can take a full minute to enter her.

And as she gets into it, slowly increase your speed and build a nice rhythm.

When you can tell she is about to orgasm (from her breathing and moans), give it to her hard and fast… and she will have an orgasm.

4. Your woman wants you to engage all her pleasure spots during sex

Unlike men, women are incredibly blessed with lots of erogenous zones all over their bodies.

Aside from the obvious – the breast and nipples – a woman’s earlobes, neck, and lower back are all part of the “hot buttons” she desperately wants you to touch and caress.

So, instead of neglecting these pleasure spots during sex, take your time to caress them.

What women want in bed is for you to lightly rub, suck, and lick all over their boobs.

Your woman wants you to suck on her nipples and kiss them passionately.

Your woman wants you to rub her clitoris as you thrust in and out of her.

If you are doing your woman in the doggy style, fondle her breast, and lightly move your fingers across her lower back…

You can even choose to simply grab hold of her breasts while you do her hard and fast.

They don’t want us to stop stimulating.

Just because you are enjoying yourself doesn’t mean you should stop paying attention to your woman.

Don’t stop kissing her neck, caressing her thighs, and fondling any of her pleasure spots.

You can take advantage of a woman’s sensitive skin to give her a WILD and UNIQUE bedroom experience!

5. Your woman expects you to take control in the bedroom

Women love to surrender to a man during sex.

They want us to take control in the bedroom and call the shots…

…so be a man and take charge when it comes to sex.

Your woman wants you to flip her around, do her doggy-style and do what you want without asking her permission.

But it is ok to ask her if she is enjoying something, especially when you are going down on her.


Don’t treat your woman as some sex object. Lead with authority and masculine strength.

Next on what women want in bed…

6. Your woman wants you to talk romantically and dirty to her during sex

Women hate silent sex.

To them, silent sex is lame sex.

You probably didn’t know this because they wouldn’t tell you.

Your woman wants you to talk romantically and dirty to her during sex.

She wants you to tell her exactly how you feel about her. For instance, if your woman is giving you a BJ, she will want to know you are enjoying yourself.

Moaning and groaning and simultaneously stroking your woman’s hair communicates to her that you like what she’s doing down there.

And saying things like…

  • “That feels so good”
  • “I love it when you suck my dick like that”
  • “You make me so hard”

…will turn your woman on and she will want to please you more.

This is when dirty talk also comes in (if she is into it).

You see, sex is a very mental thing for a woman.

If you want to give a woman sex so good and drive her crazy in bed – you must talk romantically or dirty to her during sex.

  • “You’re my naughty little girl”
  • “Your pussy is so wet for me”
  • “Your pussy is so tight”
  • “You love the way my cock feels in your pussy, don’t you?”
  • “You love it when I fuck you hard”

Not only does saying things like that turn a woman on and ramp up her sexual excitement…

…it can also get her to orgasm quickly.

Plus, most women are self-conscious about their body and vagina… and this can inhibit their ability to have an orgasm.

Now saying things like:

  • “You’re so pretty”
  • “Your tits look so sexy”
  • “You look so sexy in that underwear”
  • “Your pussy tastes so good”
  • “You make me so hard”

…will make her surrender to you and focus on the pleasure you are giving her.

Next on what women want in bed…

7. Women crave vaginal orgasms, the ones they get from penetration

The most important thing for any woman when it comes to sex is orgasm.

Not the kind they commonly have (mostly by themselves).

I’m talking about the one they have during penetrative sex.

The ‘full-body experience’ kind of orgasm.

The kind that builds up and takes over their entire bodies completely.

And this type of orgasm they long for is none other than vaginal orgasm.

Your woman will even be plenty happy if you can give her more than one vaginal orgasm during a single session of lovemaking.

And to be able to do that, they want you to last longer too.

If you didn’t know by now, it takes the average woman about 10 minutes of persistent penetrative sex to reach a vaginal orgasm.

So if you believe you have a problem lasting longer during sex, I recommend you check out ‘Ejaculation by Command’ by sex expert Lloyd Lester.

The most important thing for any woman when it comes to sex is orgasm.

8. Women don’t want their men changing sex position when they’re about to orgasm

When you are giving it to a woman nice and good, and she’s about to orgasm, she wants you to keep going with exactly what you are doing until she experiences an orgasm.

Women do not want their men to constantly change positions or stop stimulation. This can cause them to lose the ‘build-up’… and consequently, lose their orgasm.

If you’re going to change something, then it has to do with the momentum of your thrusting.

As a woman nears orgasm, slightly increase the momentum of your thrusting… give it to her hard and fast until she has an orgasm.

Take confidence in the fact that using just one position can make a woman orgasm. You don’t need to try tons of sex positions to bring a woman to an orgasm.

Also, take heed when a woman says “I am coming”… continue with exactly what you are doing until she experiences an orgasm.

Plus, they hate it when you interrupt them when they are on top (cowgirl position) riding you to an orgasm.

When your woman is rubbing her clitoris against your pubic bone, and she is grinding faster, it means she is about to orgasm.

One of their biggest turn-offs is when a guy reaches up to grab their butt and pulls them up and down.

It tells them you don’t know what you are doing.

My advice, lie down and don’t make any movement, and watch her ride you to an orgasm.

Next on what women want in bed…

9. Women want different kinds of sexual experiences

Not sticking to the same routine.

Most guys are so boring and predictable when it comes to sex because they stick to the same old boring, quiet, missionary sex.

What your woman needs is for you to be creative and unpredictable during sex.

She doesn’t want you to be using the same old boring routines you are used to night after night.

Therefore, you need to add variations to your lovemaking and make it a little exciting.

Try different sex positions or sexual postures…

…positions or postures that could accelerate your woman’s ability to enjoy sex and have an orgasm alongside.

Try out some new locations like a hotel room, public place, bathroom of nightclubs or you can have sex in different areas of your house.

You can also try out some sex toys to keep your sex life exciting and fun.

There are lots of things you can do to rekindle the passion between you and your woman. So use your imagination and make your woman happy.

Last on my list of what women want in bed…

10. Women want to cuddle right after sex

A woman hates it when her man goes to bed or falls asleep immediately after sex

After you blow your load, don’t fall asleep or get up and walk out of the room…

…instead, spend a little time with your woman afterward.

Hold her in your arms while you lay down together and talk.

You can even continue to pleasure her with your mouth, tongue, or fingers until you are good for another round.

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So there you have it…

…the 10 things women want in bed.

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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