Things to Talk About with a Girl to Build Emotional Connection and Attraction

things to talk about with a girl

Struggling with thinking about things to talk about with a girl, and end up chatting about boring topics?

Then this article is for you.

No one wants to listen to people talk about boring topics. And definitely, no girl wants to listen to a guy talk about car engines, or how big his television set is.

She’s not interested in the latest plasma televisions. And she doesn’t care about the technology. (Unless she needs them)

Having such a conversation with a girl DOESN’T increase her attraction for you. It rather kills it.

To talk to a girl you like and get her to find you unique and interesting, you need to talk about things that will generate attraction with her.

And in this article, I give you the things to talk about with a girl.

First, I give you the things girls like to talk about. After that, I teach you how to find topics to talk about with a girl to keep the conversation going without running out of stuff to talk about.

(You can use these same techniques to talk to girls online)

With that said, let’s get started.

The things girls like to talk about:

Now, what do girls like to talk about?

  • Themselves – Girls love to talk about themselves. This includes her interests, passions, goals, hobbies, friends.
  • Reality television shows
  • Celebrities gossip
  • Relationship topics – a good conversation to have with a girl.
  • Fashion
  • Books/Novels – “What three books would you take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island? Why? Tell me more.”
  • Any topic that stirs up drama, emotions, positive feelings and even LUST.

These are some of the specific things to talk about with girls.

But the easier way to find things to talk about with a girl at the spur of the moment…

…is to ask her open-ended questions about herself and LISTEN to what she says.

Not the kind she’ll answer with a yes-or-no, but the “what-who-where-when-why-how” kind of question that will get her revealing details about her life to you.

Listen to what she says… shut up and listen to what she focuses on talking about.

If you want to have a good conversation with a girl, let her do most of the talking, and chime in to demonstrate a commonality.

You see, talking to a girl you like is about building an emotional connection with her and getting her to feel attraction for you.

So it behooves you to ask her questions about herself, and then listen to what she says and what she emphasizes on.

Getting a girl talking about herself will lead to learning a lot about her. You’ll get to know her favorite colors, her favorite food, hobbies and other interest of hers, without asking her directly.

Plus, you’ll know what to talk about next or the next questions to ask her.

If she’s into tech and games, you’ll know WHEN you get her talking about herself.

Here’s how:

Start with the small talk questions:

  • “Where are you from?”
  • “What do you do?”

…then start branching out.

If she is in college, ask her what she majors in and what made her choose that.

Now, when she responds, follow up her response with another question relating to what she said. (That is, something in her response will trigger your next question.)

For instance:

  • You: “So, what are the good things that happened to you today?”
  • Her: “I was pleased with getting a contract completed”
  • You: “What was it about completing it that made you feel good? The completion of the hard work? Or the recognition from your boss?”
  • Her: “blah blah blah”
  • You: “What was that like? How did that feel?”

It’s actually easier to find things to talk about with a girl as she talks about herself than it is to try to recite a script or talk about random topics that have nothing to do emotional connection or bonding.

Because, as she talks about herself, other interesting topics to talk about with her will hit you.

Store that away for later, until you’ve exhausted your current interaction. [Read how to keep a conversation going with a girl]

Truth is, you can’t run out of things to talk about with a girl when you ASK A QUESTION in response to what she tells you or her answers.

So don’t just be preoccupied with the things you want to talk about. Just ask her questions about herself, and find something interesting about her, and ‘exploit’ it.

Still needs specific topics to talk about with a girl?

It’s still a good idea to go into a conversation with your own topics for discussion.

This gives you some interesting questions for conversation and reserved for use when needed.

So, if you want to go into a conversation with a few conversation topics that you can draw from, then given below are some of the specific topics to talk about with a girl.

Let’s get started…

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Here’re some of the specific things to talk about with girls

Find something unique about her and talk about it

It could be her cool bracelet, ring or necklace, her hairstyle, etc.

Girls dress to look their best, and she would love to tell you all about it.

If she’s wearing a unique bracelet or watch, talk about it:

  • “I really liked that bracelet/watch/necklace… what’s the story behind it?”

Follow up her responses, share your similar experiences if you pick up on a commonality… and you can talk for hours on that particular subject.

Her present life

Is she in college, ask her what she majors in and what made her choose that.

Ask her if it was something she wanted to do ever since she was a kid, or her parents forced her into it.

If you share a commonality, talk about it and share your experience too.

Tell her what your major field in school was, and the reason you choose that. (Don’t talk too much about yourself. Focus on her)

If she’s working, ask her why she chose that job or career. And if it was something she wanted to do ever since she was a kid.

As I stated earlier, the easier way to find things to talk about with a girl you like is to get her talking about herself.

Throughout your interaction, you’ll find that there are some things you can relate to, or you both share the same interest. Then you can talk about it.

If you’ve both been to the same city or country before, you can talk about your experiences there. Or even tell funny stories about your stay there.

And this could go on for hours.

Positive experiences from her past

Try to dig into her past and know who she is and what she’s about.

Where she grew up. What she wanted to do when she grew up. What her favorite vacation was, and why.

You can also ask her the nicest place she’s ever visited. (Talk about yours and get her to talk about hers.)

Talk about your childhood friends and the craziest things you ever did.

Tell her your positive past experiences too.

This helps bring back the memories and positive feelings of past times, thereby building strong and powerful an emotional connection with her.

The art of dating isn’t only about what to talk about with a girl you like, it’s about AN building emotional connection with her.

Her dreams and goals, and even future plans

Ask her what her dream house is.

What she wants her goals for the next year to be.

Where she would like to spend or take a vacation, and why.

You can even ask her what she’ll be doing this weekend, then continue from there.

Stories of a dramatic event

This is, in fact, the best topic to talk about with a girl.

Drama gets a woman’s emotions stirred up. This is because the emotions surrounding it makes it more interesting for them.

This can be a situation where a friend of yours is cheating on his girlfriend. Or someone you know who is involved in an office romance.

However, avoid talking about any negative emotional drama of the girl you’re talking to. Just stick to other people’s drama.

If she starts telling you about her personal drama, try and find other fun things to talk about.

Understand: Talk about someone else’s drama, and not yours.

Her favorite movies, TV shows or celebrities

These are interesting conversations to talk about with a girl.

You can find lots of interesting conversation topics to have with a girl here. From celebrity gossip to the latest reality show.

Girls like talking about their favorite movies and celebrities. Because there’s also lots of drama here.

Again, drama gets a woman’s emotions stirred up, especially when it has to do with their favorite celebrities, TV shows or movies.

If you heard or read something, then discuss it with her. Beware not to talk about the negative.

Here is also one of the attraction-building topics to talk about with a girl you like

Topics of se*xual nature

If you’re talking to women you want to get into a romantic relationship with, you will want to keep heating up your conversation as much as possible.

In other words, keep moving your interactions forward from ‘I want to know you’ to ‘I’m a se*ual man capable of talking about s*x’.

In addition to the friendly topics to talk about with a girl, you have to heat up your conversation to bring you closer to an intimate bond with her.

You see, if you keep talking to a girl on the level of friendship, she will start to categorize you as a friend in her mind.

She’ll see you as a friend, but not the kind of guy she’ll feel se*ually attracted to.

So how do you go about this?

I can’t go into a lot more detail here since this site is a relatively PG site and I don’t have room to pour out words.

But to give you a gist of how to go about it…

There’re three ways to initiate such conversation topics with women without sounding awkward or creepy.

First, talk about things from that perspective

Let’s say you’re talking about a movie you both like.

Don’t tell her how much you liked it for its car chase and how some dude got to kick some more ass.

Instead, you tell her about how you liked the love relationship between the characters, and how you loved the sensuality of their scenes together.

And then you ask her if there are any other movies that have affected her that way and have her explain why.

Remember, girls love to talk about love and relationships, so here you can even branch out and talk more about relationships.

Second, you have to feed her mind…

Slip in suggestive words or phrases into your normal conversation with her.

A great way to do this is by using innuendos or double entendre. This is when you say something innocent, yet can be deemed dirty.

Another very effective way is to use “That’s what she said” jokes.

Of course, you don’t want to go into this territory during the early stages or when you’ve just met.

You start with superficial conversations and then build it up to a more heated conversation.

Make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first. Then you start using suggestive words in your conversation.

And with time, she’ll be comfortable having such conversations with you.

If she doesn’t play along, then she probably isn’t comfortable with you yet.

Thirdly, you can bring up a se*ual situation of a friend of yours

You tell her how a female friend of yours always complain about her boyfriend not going down south.

Then ask her: “How do women hint that sort of thing?”

If you can bring up such conversations in a way that does not communicate to her you want to have s*x with her, then she’ll be more open going go down that road.

Though these are ‘okay’ conversations you can have with a girl, you still need to be careful with it.

Watch her reaction.

If she seems uncomfortable, back off and have a normal conversation with her.

(If you have a girlfriend, then such topics are definitely must topics to talk about with your girlfriend)

Things to avoid talking about

As you learn the things to talk about with a girl, it is also equally important to know the things to avoid talking about…

Always avoid conversation that has nothing to do with emotional connection or things that will make her doubt you or her attraction for you.

For instance:

  • Avoid conversations that telegraph ‘I want something from you’
  • Avoid self-deprecation discussions, anything that belittles you, or makes fun of you or your weaknesses
  • Stay away from controversial subjects like abortion, politics, or race. And even religion – this is a tricky topic for conversation.
  • Stay away from negative topics like rape, death, murder, war
  • Don’t talk about the past negative experiences, including your ex or past women
  • Why she broke up with her last boyfriend
  • Don’t talk about your friends or family in a bad taste. They’re distasteful subjects to talk about
  • Don’t brag

Conclusion: Finding good topics to talk about with girls

I can’t stress this enough, but the easier way to find things to talk about with a girl is to ask her open-ended questions about herself.

This will pave the way for more interesting things to talk about with her.

Another effective way to find good conversation topics to talk about with a girl is to read teens or women’s magazines. There you’ll know other interesting conversations you can have with a girl.

So there you have it… the things to talk about with a girl to build emotional connection and attraction.

Do you find this article helpful? then share. And comment below and let me know what you think.