Why Taking the Risk to Anger a Girl Is the Best Way to Make Her Feel a Strong Attraction for You

taking the risk to anger a girl makes her feel attraction for you

Most guys are afraid to make a girl or a woman they desire angry because they don’t want to risk losing her.

They’re often too compliant and apologetic in order not to upset her or make her mad.

Of course, it’s a tendency for a guy to always agree and apologize to a girl he likes in order not to upset her or make her angry. But the problem is that acting in this manner somewhat does nothing to create attraction…

…it sorts of gives a girl the advantage over the guy.

Now, you might be one of those guys who is afraid to upset a girl or make her angry. But if you didn’t know by now, taking the risk to anger a girl or a woman is the best way to make her feel a strong attraction for you.


Read on.

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Girls are emotional people and dramatic

You see… it is most girls’ reality that guys should kiss up to them. They want guys to do whatever they want, agree with everything they say, and treat them nicely.

Interestingly, they use drama to get their way. And of course, they succeed.

All said and done, they’re used to guys doing whatever they want. Therefore, this makes them believe that they can have whatever they want whenever they want it.

Now, when they don’t get things their way they get upset.

For instance, when you act contrary to their expectations, like when they ask you to do something for them or with them and you say “no” or you do otherwise, they’ll be annoyed with you.

When you disagree with them, when you say something they don’t like, or you express your opinion that’s contrary to theirs, they’ll be displeased with you.

In short, when you don’t do what they want they become highly emotional and angry with you.

They will act in a manner to give the impression that you need them… and thus, you have to beg and apologize, and constantly treat them nicely.

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How you would likely react when a girl becomes angry at you

Here, you instantly apologize when she starts whining. (Thus, you give her exactly what she wants)

You will be panic-stricken, and you’ll be tempted to backpedal and try to appease her so she won’t be angry with you further.

But, as dating expert, John Alexander has written in his book, ‘How to Become an Alpha Male’: “If a woman creates drama that she thinks is a big deal, and you go along with that, then you have been reduced to a beta male status by being sucked into her frame.”

In simple words, you give away your power and she can easily manipulate you.

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Risking her anger is a good thing

Getting a girl or a woman pissed at you is definitely a good thing.

Why is that?


…because you’re being a challenge for her.

Contrary to what you might have heard, it’s not a good idea to treat a girl OVERLY nice or do everything she wants. [Read ‘Why Women Don’t Find Nice Guys Attractive’ and ‘Why Women Don’t Choose Men That Are Good for Them’]

Being a challenge for a girl or a woman communicates to her you’re not like the guys she’s used to dealing with – you’re not weak-willed, and thus, she cannot control you with her drama.

More accurately, you’re different in an attractive way. [Read ‘One of The Best Ways to Attract Women and Have Them Pursue You’]

Sure, she will get upset, frustrated, and mad at you when she doesn’t get things her way. But in the end, she will find you attractive.

In simple words, she will be annoyed yet attracted.

Her frustration or anger means you’re a challenge for her. And that makes you attractive.

“We humans are attracted to things that frustrate us a little bit. And when we come across another person that seems interested but doesn’t give us exactly what we want, we start thinking about it all the time. It almost becomes a challenge to see if we can get the other person who’s resisting us to give in to us.” ~ David DeAngelo, Attraction Isn’t a Choice.

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Here’s how to go about a girl’s drama and confrontation

Now, provided a girl asks you to do something with her, like accompanying her to the mall, and you seem busy or have other plans, decline her request. [Read ‘The Powerful Way to Build Attraction with A Girl You Have a Crush On’]

If she wants you to do something for her, which might come across as manipulative, say no.

Here’s an example…

…if she wants you to bring something over to her, tell her she has to come over and pick it up herself. [Read ‘The #1 Trait that Attracts Women and How to Demonstrate It’ and ‘Personality Traits Women Find Most Attractive in a Guy’]

There are lots of things a girl would like a guy to do for her, and if any of these things don’t fall within your plans or you’re not willing to do them, just be bold and let her know you’re not willing to comply.

Here, she will be displeased for refusing her wishes or acting contrary to her expectations.

She will use drama to get her way.

But let her know your priorities are more important than hers, and you’re not going to allow her to control you.

And as might be expected, she might throw a tantrum to vent her frustration and anger.

Here, instead of backpedaling and trying to appease her so she won’t be angry with you, you have to stand your ground.

You can throw in a line like:

  • “You’re kinda cute when you’re mad”

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She will find you attractive in the end

She will get mad at you at first and give you the silent treatment or shun you because you’re not apologetic about having made her angry.

If she persists in shunning you, still stand your ground.

She will come around once she realizes you’re not really trying to offend her… but you’re only being a man – someone who she cannot easily manipulate. [Learn the secrets of unleashing your buried inner real man]

She may seem unhappy with your behavior, but she will respect you for it. Because on a subconscious level, she will know that she’s just being ridiculous.

Now, keep this in mind…

When a girl gets mad at you, she might use hurtful unconsidered words (that will sting you) to vent her frustration and anger. But it’s her emotions talking. She doesn’t really mean any of it. She’s only frustrated because you’re not doing or giving her what she wants. Here, control your temper or emotions and allow the ‘insult’ to pass as if unnoticed.

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Don’t deliberately anger a woman

Your goal is not to DELIBERATELY make a girl angry.

Plus, try not to argue with her – keep control of the situation.

Demonstrate to her you’re a guy of high-status by standing your ground and playfully teasing or busting her balls. Again, as I mentioned earlier, this communicates to her you’re not like the guys she’s used to dealing with – you’re not weak-willed, and thus, she cannot control you with her drama.

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Conclusion – making a girl feel a strong attraction for you

So, as you’ve read, girls and women are emotional and dramatic, and they use drama to get men to do whatever they want whenever they want it.

And when you don’t give them what they want they become highly emotional. They will be displeased or annoyed with you and might throw a tantrum to vent her frustration and anger.

But as an attractive guy to be, don’t be afraid to risk a girl’s anger…

…don’t be afraid to express your opinion, disagree with her when she’s in the wrong, and only do things for her when you feel like doing them.

And when she gets upset or angry with you, especially when it’s no biggie, stand your grounds.

By getting her angry, you’re in a way getting her attracted to you because you’re not like the guys she’s used to dealing with…

…you’re a challenge for her. And hence, this will make her feel a strong attraction for you despite her displeasure and anger.

So again, don’t be afraid to upset or make a girl angry. However, acknowledge your faults and mistakes and apologize for it.

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