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8 Surprising and Fascinating Facts About Men and About Women When It Comes to Sex

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When it comes to sex, girls and women only look at one thing… ORGASMS!

…and if there’s one thing that we guys desire more than anything when it comes to sex, it is to give our lovers powerful orgasms and satisfy them beyond their wildest desires.

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You might think you’ve heard it all…

…but here are some surprising and fascinating facts you may not know:

Fact #1 – Nearly all men are terrible in bed

…this is why nearly every girl or woman out there owns or has some kind of sex toy to give her pleasure and attain an orgasm on her own. The majority of men don’t know how a woman’s arousal works and how to give or bring a woman to orgasm.

Fact #2 – Most women often do not go into sex expecting to have an orgasm

Many women do not orgasm with their partners or have never had an orgasm with a man… the only time or way they climax (or have an orgasm) is through self-stimulation (or masturbation). And for this reason, most women go into sex with no expectation of having an orgasm.

Fact #3 – Many women like oral sex more so than penis-in-vagina intercourse

…because oral sex (or cunnilingus) is much more satisfying for them than intercourse is. Not to mention, oral sex is certainly the easier and the best way for them to have an orgasm.

Fact #4 – As much as we all love oral sex, women receive oral sex less often

…this is because men are less likely to offer it and also because women are less likely to ask for it. Not only are women usually passive when it comes to oral sex, but they don’t know how to ask for it… and since women don’t ask their men to go down on them, their men also end up believing they don’t want it.

Fact #5 – Over 65% of guys and men suffer from premature ejaculation

…and that’s a lot of disappointed girls and women.

Fact #6 – Premature ejaculation is largely a learned or conditioned behavior

Diet and substances we take into the body are often cited as the cause of premature ejaculation… but the major cause or major reason why men or guys suffer from premature ejaculation or why they ejaculate quickly during sex is because of masturbation. Chronic masturbation out of a desire to experience an orgasm as soon as possible inadvertently conditions one to cum and ejaculate quickly during sexual intercourse.

Fact #7 – Frequent use of sex toys can make a woman or girl have difficulties having an orgasm with a man or even with the hand

When a girl or woman uses sex toys – vibrators and whatnot – frequently, they (the sex toys) tend to make her conditioned to only getting off (having an orgasm) with the use of sex toys. And hence have difficulties having an orgasm any other way.

Fact #8 – If you think you’ve given a woman or a girl an orgasm and she’s immediately able to get up and do something else after her “orgasm”, there’s a good chance she didn’t have an orgasm

…because having an orgasm, even the less intense ones, takes a lot out of girls, and they usually need at least a minute or two to calm down and collect themselves.

And there you have it…

…8 startling truths about men and women when it comes to sex.

I hope this post has given you a deep insight into sex…

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