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10 Signs You’re Not That Into Him (Or Her!)

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Are you dating someone you’re not sure you’re into? But you’re conflicted because they’re good-looking, caring, they love dogs and overall they look great on paper!

But is that enough?

When is it time to acknowledge that maybe you’re just not into the person you’re dating and realize it’s time to let that fish back into the sea for someone else to catch?

Not all relationships start off with instant passionate fireworks, and I know of relationships that have started out as slow burners that have grown into happy marriages.

But how long do you wait for that slow-burning candle of yours to ignite some sort of flame?

If the positive attributes of the person you’re dating are not warming you up then all you have to do is look at the signs that are giving you cold feet and clearly telling you……you’re not that into him. (or her!)

Girl ignores man on park bench

#1. You Have To Think Long And Hard If You Like Them

This is a dead giveaway. If you have to think really hard that you like this person and overanalyze them until your head hurts, then you probably don’t need to read any further cause, you’re not that into him.

#2. You Would Rather Stay Home And Watch A Movie

They’re asking you out, but all you want to do is stay home in your PJs and watch a movie. But instead of telling them the truth you come up with lame excuses like “my dog has chickenpox” or “my car ran out of petrol” or the one that backs them off every time…” I’m throwing up from both ends“. (OK, not classy, but it should work.)

#3. You Can’t Be Yourself

At the beginning of a romance, it’s normal to act a little differently than you normally would act say if you were hanging out with your friends. But if you’re still finding it hard to open up after a few months and you just can’t quite let the true crazy bitch out of the bag ( I mean the innocent, sweet angel) then you’re either scared of something or you’re not that into him.

#4. They Don’t Give You Butterflies

If they don’t give you butterflies and the excitement level of seeing them doesn’t rise above a 5/10 over a few months then I’m pretty sure your intuition is telling you you’re not that into him.

#5. You Can Go Days Without Seeing Them

You can go days without seeing them and not really miss them. You might look forward to seeing them, but there’s no rush because you have so many other things on your priority list.

#6. You Don’t See A Future With Them

You find it hard to see a future with them and they don’t quite fit into your lifestyle, core values, and future goals. You may also resist threading your life, family, and friends with his. And quite frankly you don’t see yourself combining DNA with your future babies!

#7. You Don’t Gush Over Them

Gushing over someone in the early stages to the point where it’s nearly annoying is a good sign you are into them. But if you’re consistently talking about their little annoying habits and expressing doubt and not what a total babe he is, then you’re not that into him.

#8. Their Habits Repulse You

Once I dated a guy with hygiene issues that weren’t a huge deal but admittedly made me cringe. Do you get repulsed by the little habits, even if it’s small ones like biting his nails, or the glorious moment when he starts farting in front of you and picking his nose!? True love gets past all this shit, but if you’re already having doubts, these little habits that repulse you are a sign you’re just really grossed out, or…you’re not that into him.

#9. You Don’t Want To Have Sleepovers

You’re always coming up with excuses why you can’t sleep over, and when you do you catch yourself wishing you were somewhere else. (Or with someone else).

#10. You’re Not Attracted To Them

Being attracted to someone you’re dating may not be the most important element……

OK, who are we kidding here… Yes, it is!

I may sound vain in saying this, but let’s face it, humans are visual creatures and for the most part, it’s our appearance and the way we carry ourselves at the beginning that is the bait that will get that hot little fishie hooked and on the line!

If it’s not their looks, it’s either their charm, swagger, or their intellectual mind. It’s after you hook them with your first impression that you get to know the heart and soul and how amazing they are etc. If you’re not finding them attractive in any way, and find the thought of sharing a future bed with them repulsive then, you’re not that into him!

What are the signs that tell you, you’re not into someone? Share and comment below!

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