68 Signs a Girl Gives Off That Signal Her Attraction and Interest in a Guy

signs that a girl likes you

The signs that a girl likes you and feels attraction for you.

In this article, I share with you 68 things girls or women do intentionally and unknowingly to signal their attraction and interest in a guy.

The reason why most guys don’t approach or talk to girls or even go in for a kiss is an innate fear of rejection…

…they’re afraid that when they make a move on a girl they feel attraction for, she is going to reject them. [Read the top reasons why women reject men]

Now, if you’re reluctant to approach a girl or make your move, then recognizing the signs she likes you or the signs she is attracted to you should make things easier.

So, in this article, I give you 68 signs that a girl likes you.

First, I give you the female body language signs that indicate she’s open to being approached or talked to… then, I give you the signs she gives off during your interaction with her that signal she’s interested in you.

After that, I give you the signs she gives off if you’ve successfully created an arousal in her.

Then finally, you’ll discover the signs she gives off that should tell you that when you go in for a kiss she won’t reject you.

Without further ado, let’s get started… the signs a girl likes you.

Pay attention to a girl’s body language signals, and you’ll know if she’s attracted to you.

The 68 Signs of Interest a Girl Gives off Intentionally and Unknowingly That Signal Her Attraction and Interest in a Guy

If you want to know a girl is into you or attracted to you, and open to being approached, look out for some of these body language cues:

  1. She will occasionally glance at you a few times from afar… SCANNING your body from your face to your feet.
  2. She will hold your gaze just long enough for you to NOTICE and then look away… expecting you to approach her. [Read ‘How to Approach a Girl‘ and ‘How to Start a Conversation with a Girl‘]
  3. She will walk past you a couple of times, trying to get your attention.
  4. She sways her hips while walking past you.
  5. When she is sitting across you, she will INTENTIONALLY open her legs slightly towards you.
  6. Just like #5, she will also cross or uncross her legs SLOWLY in front of you when she sits… to expose a slight gap. (It’s very subtle)
  7. She UNCONSCIOUSLY crosses her leg then points her knee (the one on top) towards you.
  8. She also crosses her leg and exposes more of her thigh when sitting close to you.
  9. When a girl likes you and feels an attraction for you, she UNCONSCIOUSLY strokes her thigh while her legs are crossed, to indicate interest.
  10. She dangles or plays with her shoes.

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How to know a girl is interested in you during your interaction with her:

  1. When you meet a girl at a social gathering, and after your conversation with her she still waits around for you or she approaches you to continue where you left off, that should tell you she’s interested in you. Even when she’s leaving and she lets you know, that’s a sign she’s interested in you.
  2. She will play with her hair.
  3. She’ll feel nervous around you, then tends to fiddle with objects like her bracelet.
  4. She rubs her earlobes or plays with her earrings.
  5. She maintains eye contact when listening to you talk, focusing all her attention on you.
  6. Her eyes soften or narrow slightly with an EXTENDED SEDUCTIVE gaze. (This is another subconscious move on her part.)
  7. Her eyes brighten up when she’s talking to you.
  8. She tosses her head or hair back over her shoulders or away from her face.
  9. She touches her face while looking at you.
  10. Wet lips and slightly open mouth, are clear signs that she’s really into you.
  11. When a girl likes you, she positions her body towards you.
  12. Her arms are uncrossed… she maintains an open body to subconsciously signal she is open to what you’re saying.
  13. She mimics your posture and even actions… that is, she follows your lead, assumes the same posture to yours, and laughs when you laugh.
  14. She asks you to teach (or show) her something. It might seem like just small talk. But really, she has an interest in who you are and would like to find out more about you.
  15. She’s alert and energetic about talking with you. (Obviously, when a girl doesn’t like you, she will do the opposite… or unless she’s playing hard to get).
  16. She smiles, laughs, and genuinely enjoys your conversation.
  17. She tries to build rapport.
  18. She’ll compliment you on just about anything.
  19. She initiates conversation with you and even makes an effort to keep it going when it lulls.
  20. She’ll agree with everything you say.
  21. She puts one or both hands on her hips.
  22. She asks for your number.

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How to know if a girl likes you more than a friend

  1. She hugs you at every opportunity she gets.
  2. She’ll introduce you to her friends without feeling uncomfortable.
  3. She smooths out her attire. This is a subconscious habit that means she wants to look good for you.
  4. She smooths her hair or runs her hand through her hair. This is also a subconscious habit that means she wants to look good for you.
  5. She punches you playfully (especially when you tease her). If you notice this, it means you’ve connected with her on an emotional level.
  6. She’ll touch you a lot, especially when talking to you to emphasize a point.
  7. She’ll do or say something to get a reaction out of you, such as jealousy, desire, emotions or attraction.
  8. She challenges or teases you playfully. Don’t get unnerved when a girl challenges or teases you. But know that she has some attraction.
  9. She tells you her secrets (this indicates she trusts you).
  10. She hangs out with you more.
  11. If she’s with her friends, she’ll stay near you and will want to stay with you after her friends move away.
  12. She asks lots of deeper questions about you, “What are your passions in life?”, “What do you like to do for fun?”, “What are your goals?”, “Tell me something about yourself you’ve never told anyone”. This should tell you she is interested in you.

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If you’ve effectively created tingly feelings inside her…

  1. She tilts her head to the side and smiles when you tell her something enticing.
  2. The pupils (black dot in the middle of her eye) dilate. The more the pupils are dilated or the wider the pupils, the more attracted and excited she’s getting. (Unless, of course, she’s in a dim room, or she’s high on something at the time.)
  3. Pay attention to a girl’s hands. If she fondles or caresses something in a certain way, she’s UNCONSCIOUSLY signaling what she has in mind.
  4. If she is leaning in close or moving closer to you while you’re talking, then that’s a strong sign that she wants you.
  5. When a girl is talking to you, she’ll also signal interest by stroking her neck and even her thigh.
  6. She starts flirting with you to indicate her attraction to you. She’s signaling interest, and you might not notice it earlier because you fail to read the signs she’s giving you.
  7. When a girl asks tricky questions, like “Are you a player?”, “Are you trying to seduce me?”, “Do you act this way/say those things to all the girls?”, know that she has some interest in you.
  8. She’ll want to know if you have a girlfriend. She asks questions about the girls in your life. Hoping to know if you have a girlfriend or you’re single. This is a BIG sign of interest, that says “I want you, are you available”.
  9. She sits upright and pushes out her bosom.
  10. She ignores her drink. If she’s just holding onto the glass, she’s otherwise preoccupied… with you!

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When you notice some of the signs below, you can go for a kiss and she won’t reject you

  1. She initiates or talks about se*ual topics with you.
  2. She starts giving you hints: “let me know when I start turning you on”.
  3. She’ll pause during a conversation and stares SEDUCTIVELY at your face.
  4. She moves her eyes back and forth between your eyes and lips. This signals a desire that she wants to be kissed.
  5. She will unconsciously be flicking her eyes back and forth. Here, you can go for a kiss and you’ll not be rejected.
  6. She has flushed or rosy cheeks.
  7. She’ll be touching her lips.
  8. She bites or licks her lips while talking to you (provided she doesn’t have dry lips). This signals she’s dying to kiss you.
  9. She places her hands near her crotch or chest area.
  10. She’ll be rubbing her fingertips on her upper chest.
  11. She seems jealous when you start talking to another girl. If you notice a girl displaying jealous emotions, it’s time to make your move.
  12. She brushes her legs or foot against yours when she laughs at one of your witty statements. Either she does it on purpose or she unconsciously needs some physical contact.
  13. She laughs at your comments as if they’re the funniest things she’s ever heard (even if they’re boring or are not that humorous). Sure, she’ll laugh at your jokes and funny stories. But when she’s laughing at your stupid lines, then know she is into you.
  14. She doesn’t flinch when you get too close, or when you try to take things to a physical level [Read If You Can Do This to a Girl without Getting Slapped, She’s Ready to Be Kissed].

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Conclusion: Signs That a Girl Likes You

So there you have it… how to tell if a girl likes you and is attracted to you.

Some of these signals are unconscious attraction response. And women don’t even think about them. But sometimes she gives off some of these signals intentionally to try to give you a hint.

Some are subtle signs she’s into you. And others are obvious signs.

Nevertheless, you need to look out for more than one sign that she really likes you or feels attraction for you, before you draw any conclusions.

That being said… these are 68 signs that a girl likes you and feels attraction for you.

Do you find this article helpful? Then share. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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