Should I Chase a Girl That Plays Hard to Get?

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Question: Should I chase a girl that plays hard to get?



…because she is only going to play HARDER to get when you chase her… making you work HARDER to win or get her. And it’s going to be tough to get what it is that you want to get from her – relationship, intimacy, whatever.

Plus, some girls can take advantage of this… most girls will manipulate you or use you to their advantage including financially.

This is what you do…

When a girl plays hard to get, use it to your advantage.

Instead of chasing her, pretend you’re not interested in her… then deliberately make her feel a strong attraction and desire for you.

This will make her WANT you and pursue you.

…and she won’t play hard to get with you.

Not chasing a girl, not showing interest in her (pretending you’re not interested in her), and then deliberately doing things that make you attractive and desirable will make a girl feel a strong attraction and desire for you that she will be the one to chase you.

So, there you have it…

…don’t chase a girl that plays hard to get.

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