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Should I Be the First to Touch a Woman?

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Question: Should I be the first to touch a woman?



Be the first to touch a woman.

Be the first to initiate hand holding.

Touch a woman as if it’s completely natural. And it is.

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Don’t be afraid to touch a woman.

In fact, this is what it means to be a manboldly taking action. And with this, it makes a woman respond to you because you’re communicating to her you’re confident and you’re not intimidated by women as most men are. [Read: ‘Be Someone Who Casually Touches Women’]

Sure, show restraint at first or when you first meet a woman… but don’t be afraid to touch her when necessary.

A simple touch on the hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder, or the top of her back is enough.

You can touch a woman when passing by her in a room.

You can also touch a woman when coming up behind her to make her aware of your presence.

With a woman you’re dating…

When you’re crossing a street with her, offer her your hand or arm.

Offer her your arm as you’re walking into a place.

When you open a door for her, let her go in first and lead her in with your hand on her lower back.

Touch the top of her back when whispering something into her ear.

When you’re walking together somewhere or walking through a crowd, offer her your hand and interlock fingers with hers. (Take note: if she tries to pull her hand away as soon as she can, then she’s probably not comfortable holding hands with you at this stage)

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The places NOT to touch

Steer clear of touching private parts of a woman’s body, like her breas.ts, bu.tt, inner thi.gh, and her cro.tch… not until you have received incontrovertible evidence that she wants you to.

These areas are more intrusive and forbidden at the early stages of knowing each other…

…so hold off touching these areas until she wants you to.

Watch her response to your touches, though

If she seems to withdraw from your touch, then she’s probably not comfortable with it…

…here, stop and back off until she’s touched you.


…be the first to touch a woman.

Boldly take action.

You see, women look to men to take action and take the first step, including touching her.

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