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9 Of The Top Reasons Girls Reject Guys

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Why do women reject men?

Getting rejected by a girl or a woman sucks.

You feel terrible.

It’s the worst thing that could happen to any man. Especially when she’s with her friends, and they start laughing at you – it feels like it’s the end of the world.

But the hard truth is, sooner or later every guy gets rejected by a woman. It’s a common occurrence in the world of dating.

Women reject men for many reasons. Even the good-looking guys have their share of rejection.

Now, once you know the reasons why women reject men, you can avoid them or work on them… and then lower the likelihood of being rejected.

So in this article, I share with you 9 of the top reasons why women reject men who approach them.

I also teach you what to do after a girl rejects you or how to face rejection from a girl. And what to say to a girl after she rejects you.

Without further ado, let’s begin…

The top reasons why women reject men

Reasons why girls or women reject you:

#1 – Using cheesy pick-up lines

The trouble with pick-up lines is that they telegraph your interest in the woman and what your intentions are. And unless it’s a place like an event for singles where she’s there to socialize and meet men, then she will flatly reject you.

#2 – Giving lame compliments

Just like using cheesy pick-up lines, giving compliments that telegraph your interest in the woman could also get the woman to reject you.

If you didn’t know by now, the average girl is being approached by lots of guys on a regular basis who compliment her on her looks and whatnot, all because they want to get into her pants. (This is the reality of attractive women.)

Matured women can instinctively tell when a man wants to get into her pants. So, they naturally put up some resistance when you approach them and say something that telegraphs your interest in her:

  • “Hey baby, looking good tonight”.

Here’s the secret:

If you’re going to compliment a girl or a woman to initiate a conversation with her, it has to be something real and unique about her. And try not to show any interest at first.

#3 – Trying to be someone you’re not

…a.k.a., faking your trustworthiness in an attempt to get approval. Including lying and misleading a woman.

What a woman wants is to feel safe and comfortable in a man’s presence.

But most men, in their hopes to get a woman to like them, try to fake almost everything about themselves.

But women detect these fake acts instantly.

Truth is, a woman will accept you as you are. But if you try to be someone that you’re not and she senses it, she will disrespect you.

Again, as I mentioned, matured women can instinctively tell when a man wants to get into her pants. And faking your trustworthiness communicates exactly that.

Improve upon whatever qualities you feel you’re lacking. But don’t fake it and get caught.

#4 – Bragging to impress

Similar to faking your trustworthiness is bragging – bragging about how much money you make, how expensive your car is, etc.

…in short, it conveys low status.

It communicates to women you’re seeking their approval. This… she will find you unattractive.

Hint: If you’re paid six figures a year, if you drive an expensive car, and live in an awesome house… avoid directly verbalizing them. Instead, let the woman discover them on her own. If you’re a bit mysterious and unpredictable, she will find you attractive.

#5 – Intentionally showing off to attract attention

Just as it implies… this is when you deliberately behave in such a way as to attract attention.

If you want to impress a girl with your nice car or expensive collections, let her find out on her own.

#6 – Exhibiting bad manners

… including insults, put-downs, bullies, criticizing, etc. These are unattractive to women.

As good manners can dramatically increase the attraction you’re building with a woman, bad manners can end things instantly.

The way you act or behave around a woman will determine if she wants to continue or end it.

#7 – Moving things too fast

This is also another reason for rejection – you meet a girl at a party or a social event, then you want to move things into the romantic arena that instant.

Without a doubt, this will lead the woman to reject you faster.

The problem here is that you’ve not established enough rapport or connected with her yet.

She’s probably there to have fun and not get la!d. So she’ll reject you if she picks up that you’re trying to seduce her. Because she doesn’t want to appear promiscuous.

Moving things too fast also includes talking about suggestive topics during the early stage. Of course, you need to heat up a conversation with a woman to build attraction. But make sure you don’t come across as if you’re in a haste to get into her pants.

#8 – Not respecting the woman

The single best way to treat a woman is to respect her.

Every woman wants to be respected and treated well. And not treated like a prostitute.

For instance, when you approach a woman at a bar or a party don’t pinch her ass or squeeze her chest. Plus, don’t insult her if she puts up some resistance.

Instead, treat every woman or girl you meet like she is the most beautiful, interesting woman there is. Yet NOT showing desperation or neediness. And they will love you for it.

If you do otherwise, they will reject you instantly.

#9 – She has a boyfriend or she’s happily married

Aside from your methods of approach and mannerism mentioned above, a woman can also reject you if she’s already in a relationship. Because she wouldn’t want you to waste your time with her.

She’s probably doing you a favor to go work your mojo on another girl.

So, there you have it – 9 of the top reasons why women reject men (and how to not get rejected by a girl).

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Now, keep this in mind…

A woman will reject you not because of you as a person or your looks. But because of your method of approach and how you act or behave around her.

“As long as you’re not a complete idiot and don’t come on too strong, women will give you a chance almost all of the time. All this rejection, you are so worried about is invented, and absolutely none of it reflects on you as a person”, says dating expert Carlos Xuma in his program, ‘The Seduction Method: The Ultimate Guide to Meeting and Seducing Women’.

So, if you always get rejected, then the aforementioned reasons probably apply to you.

Next, I share with you how to handle rejection from a girl or a woman, or what to do after being rejected by a girl or a woman.

A woman will reject you, not because of you as a person, but your method of approach and mannerism.

What to do if a girl rejects you or how to deal with rejection from a girl you like

Many guys see rejection from girls or women as a bad thing. And thus, they hold back or refrain from approaching and talking to women.

But it is this holding back that keeps you from succeeding or meeting the girl of your dreams.

Just like anything in life, including dating, you will meet with failure or setbacks. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

But… to borrow a phrase from dating expert and pick-up artist Joseph Matthews: “if you are willing to focus on the positives and not the negatives, you will continue to grow and get better at meeting and attracting women.”

Truth is, once you’re in the dating game, sooner or later you’re bound to get rejected. So when a girl rejects you, instead of taking it personally, see it as one step to victory.

Unlike most guys who chicken out, you had the guts to go for what you wanted. And this means the next time you walk up to a girl or a woman, you will know what to do and what not to do.

After all, it’s her loss not to talk to you – if only she knew what you could offer her.

So again, instead of taking rejection personally, see it as one step to victory.

She might cold-shoulder you for a reason…

Aside from the fact that rejection can serve as a means to get better at meeting and getting women, what you probably don’t know is that some women reject men to weed out the weak ones.

Yes… a woman might test you (give you the cold shoulder) to find out what you’re made of.

Keep in mind one of the traits women look for in a man is self-confidence and dominance – a man who doesn’t give up easily just because she said “NO”.

“Attractive women are approached all the time. They need quick, easy ways to figure out if you’re either the real deal or a wuss that gives up at the first sign of resistance”, says dating expert David DeAngelo in his book, ‘Attraction Isn’t a Choice’

So in order to stand out from other guys you need to be a little persistent. That is, don’t pay too much attention to her negative reactions.

As dating expert Steve Scott has written: “You can accomplish a lot through sheer force of will. A forceful guy finds it hard to take ‘no’ for an answer. While he’s respectful of a woman’s wish, he still has the fortitude to keep trying when other guys give up.”

Who knows! She’s probably dying for you to ask her out. [Read: ‘59 Signs a Women Gives Off That Signal Her Attraction and Interest in a Guy’]

So, when you agree with her rejection, she’ll see you as a guy who lacks self-confidence and will wait for the next dominant guy who doesn’t back down from a challenge to come sweep her off her feet.

But if you’re a little persistent and take “no” for an answer, she might be receptive to talking to you. And things could move into the romantic arena.

If she’s still not interested…

…you CAN’T make her.

There will be times when no routine and even humor will get a girl to talk to you. That is, you’ll be flatly rejected.

When that happens, say something like the following, POLITELY:

  • “It’s nice to meet you”


  • “It was a pleasure meeting you.”


  • “Have a nice day.”

…then leave. (She might even stop you.)

So, that’s how to handle rejection from a woman or how to deal with rejection from a woman.

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Getting rejected by women or girls is not a question of your appearance. It’s rather a question of what she feels and what you do to make her feel that way.

When you walk up to a woman and telegraph what your intentions are, she has a choice to either reject or accept you.

So now you know the reasons why women reject men.

You’ve learned how to cope with rejection from a girl or a woman or about handling rejection from a woman or a girl.

You know what to do when a girl rejects you.

All that is left for you to do is avoid what you believe is the reason a woman rejects you, improve on the attractive qualities in you, and then lower the likelihood of being rejected.

So again, there you have it – 9 of the top reasons why women reject men. And how to deal with being rejected by a girl or what to do when you get rejected by a girl.

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