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Premature Ejaculation… What It Is and How It Can Be Cured

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How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is when a guy or a man ejaculates shortly after penetrating his woman or shortly after inserting his penis into the vagina.

In other words, if a man ejaculates seconds upon vaginal penetration or if he’s not able to last more than a couple of minutes during sex, then he is suffering from premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem that affects lots of guys…

…and some guys have it so bad that they ejaculate the instant their woman strokes their penis.

Premature ejaculation…

…makes many guys shy away from having sex and rather resort to masturbation.

Simply because they are too embarrassed about ejaculating too quickly or seconds into intercourse.

This is also to say, premature ejaculation can cause many guys to avoid being in a romantic relationship because of the fear of embarrassing themselves during sex.

For women…

…they feel unsatisfied when their partner ends the sex quickly.

And this can cause relationships and marital problems including cheating on the part of the woman.

To avoid the embarrassment of ejaculating prematurely, many guys shy away from having sex and rather resort to masturbation.

Premature ejaculation is mostly a result of…

  1. poor masturbation habit, and
  2. a weak ejaculatory muscle

These 2 factors are mostly the reasons why most guys or men blow their load quickly during sex.

Let’s go into detail.

Poor masturbation habit

Premature ejaculation is generally known to be a young man’s problem due to one simple reason… habitual conditioning.

Most guys (or young men) are used to masturbating to ejaculate and experience an orgasm as fast as possible…

…unfortunately, they condition themselves to ejaculate quickly during actual sex.

(Hint: Masturbation when done right can help a man learn how to delay ejaculation… but when done wrong and poorly inadvertently leads to premature ejaculation.)

Habitual quick masturbation out of the desire to ejaculate and orgasm as soon as possible conditions guys to ejaculate quickly during sex.

The second cause of premature ejaculation is…

…a weak ejaculatory muscle

This is the second major reason why most guys ejaculate prematurely.

The ejaculatory muscle is the muscle that controls the ejaculation of semen and urine.

This muscle plays a very important role for guys when it comes to sex – it is through the relaxation of the ejaculatory muscle that a man or a guy can last as long as he wants during sex.

One needs to understand that premature ejaculation is often a result of the involuntary contraction of the ejaculatory muscle.

Unfortunately, most guys have a weak ejaculatory muscle, and therefore relaxing it throughout sex seems difficult… leading to involuntary contraction, and consequently, ejaculating sooner than they would like to.

It is through the relaxation of the ejaculatory muscle that a man can prevent early ejaculation.

When it comes to dealing with premature ejaculation…

…most guys rely on pills, desensitization sprays and creams, and gels to delay ejaculation or prolong intercourse.

Many sex therapists also believe that one can use mind-distracting techniques to distract himself during sex to prolong sex… this is where the man distracts himself from sex by thinking of something else other than sex.

Others also swear by the Squeeze Technique… which is where the man applies pressure directly below the head of the penis when he feels he is about to ejaculate sooner than he would like to.

There is also the Beautrais Maneuver – where the man grasps his testicles and pulls it down firmly to delay ejaculation…

…and there is the Start-Stop Technique – where the man halts sex or stops penetration to delay ejaculation and prolong intercourse.

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Now the truth is, these treatments and techniques do not permanently cure premature ejaculation… they only serve as a temporal solution.

So, how can one naturally and permanently cure premature ejaculation?

What counts as a true premature ejaculation cure

“My definition of a good cure is a solution that permanently prevents PE while at the same time, does NOT affect your sexual experience in any manner,” writes sex expert Lloyd Lester in his e-book, ‘Ejaculation by Command’.

The best way for any man who suffers from premature ejaculation to cure or prevent or treat this sexual ordeal is to adopt a natural approach.

The approach or cure should permanently reverse the underlying factors that cause premature ejaculation.

The approach or cure should be permanent rather than just providing a quick fix or a temporal relief.

Plus, it should not have any adverse side effects.

Given below are the two best cures for premature ejaculation:

  1. daily Kegel exercises, and
  2. a healthy diet

A long-lasting sexual experience for any man depends to a large extent on having a healthy diet and daily persistent exercises targeted at strengthening the ejaculatory muscle in order to help him supercharge his ejaculatory control and last longer during sex.

“Nobody can deny the health benefits of eating right and exercising. Eating the right foods can have a dramatic impact on keeping premature ejaculation at bay. The right diet can enhance your virility and help you enjoy sex much longer,” writes sex expert Lloyd Lester in his e-book, ‘Ejaculation by Command’.

A healthy diet not only provides the male body with sexual energy to keep the man going during sex but also dramatically enhances his training and helps him achieve results faster.

By complementing Kegel exercises with a healthy diet, one can achieve superior sexual endurance and last as long as he wants during sex.

By complementing Kegel exercises with a healthy diet, one can achieve superior sexual endurance and last as long as he wants during sex.

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So there you have it…

…premature ejaculation and how it can be naturally and permanently cured.

Any guy or man can overcome his PE problem…

…there is no need for one to depend on pills, desensitization sprays, creams, and gels to treat his quick ejaculation problem.

Any man can learn how to last as long as he wants during sex – naturally – without relying on or using pills and desensitizing products. [Read: ‘How to Last Longer in Bed’]

The best cure for premature ejaculation should address the problem permanently and also not negatively affect the sexual experience.

I hope this article has given you an insight into premature ejaculation and how it can be cured.

Do you find it helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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