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Do Women Play Hard to Get

FAQ: Do Women Play Hard to Get?

Question: Do women play hard to get? Answer …not every woman plays hard to get. But women who are very savvy to the dating game and who...
Places to Meet Girls

Places to Meet Girls: Where to Meet Single Girls for a Date

If you want to meet girls, you have to go to places where girls are more likely to be. And if you want to meet...
How Do I Approach Her

FAQ: How Do I Approach Her?

Question: How do I approach her? Answer There’re 3 simple ways to approach a girl you like… You can use the current situation or event as a...
How Do You Ask a Girl Out on A Date

FAQ: How Do You Ask a Girl Out on A Date?

Question: How do you ask a girl out on a date? Answer Ask her to do something fun and exciting with you… …something she won’t want to...
Girl Playing Hard to Get What Should I Do

FAQ: Girl Playing Hard to Get What Should I Do?

Question: A girl is playing hard to get what should I do? Answer Use it to your advantage. …withdraw your attention and pretend you’re NOT interested in...