Personality Traits Women Find Most Attractive in a Guy

personality traits

If you want to be attractive to women, you have to have certain personality traits the guys she meets don’t have. You have to stand out from other guys. Most importantly, you have to exhibit traits that scream “I’m an alpha male”.

Because as dating expert David DeAngelo has written in his book, ‘Attraction Isn’t A Choice’, “The alpha-male is the kind of man women are instinctively attracted to because he embodies the traits they look for in a man”.

Now, if you want to embody the personality traits women look for in a man, then this article is for you.

What I share here is a list of male personality traits that makes you incredibly attractive to women. So if you’re looking to attract a woman, you need to work on or develop these personality traits.

With that said, let’s begin…

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The alpha-male is the kind of man women are instinctively attracted to because he embodies the traits they look for in a man.

The personality traits that attract women

1. Confidence

No list of personality traits or alpha male body language would be complete without self-confidence.

What this simply means is, believing in yourself foremost, and your abilities to succeed with women. And not being preoccupied with what women think or their negative reaction towards you.

To embody this trait, have a positive mindset. Believe you’re an attractive male. And that you have what it takes to get girls.

This will manifest in everything you do. Including the way you walk, how you talk and whatnot. And women will instinctively pick up on it and will find you attractive.

2. Dominance

Similar to confidence is dominance. Because this also conveys to women you have confidence in yourself.

The dominant guy communicates a lot of things to a woman. He is decisive, and he takes charge of situations. He doesn’t let people push him around, including acting needy around women.

Plus, he actively pursues what he wants in life. If he sees a woman he finds attractive, he’s not afraid to make a move.

This subconsciously communicates to a woman that you’re strong and capable of taking care of her.

When you demonstrate dominance, you stand out and women will find you attractive.

To embody this trait, or convey to a woman you’re a dominant male:

  • Don’t act needy or seek her approval
  • Disagree with her when she’s in the wrong
  • Don’t be afraid to touch her
  • Hold eye contact for longer than her

Last but not least, persistently pursue what you want and take ‘NO’ for an answer. Of course, respect a woman’s wishes, but don’t give up easily.

3. Having Standards

The guy who demonstrates he has standards in his life is not afraid to express his viewpoint. Plus, his actions convey to women he’s not seeking their approval.

When you demonstrate to any woman you have standards, you’re simply communicating to her you know what you want. And you’re not going to accept anything less. Or allow her to treat you like the wimpy ass kissers.

This also means passing her tests. Because a woman will test you to see if you indeed have standards.

They will test to see if you’re weak or inferior. Including manipulating you to get their way.

Pass her tests by communicating to her that indeed you have standards.

4. A sense of humor

Otherwise known as being funny (not too much, though).

If you can NATURALLY keep a woman or a girl laughing in the course of your conversation with her, she will find you very attractive and will be drawn to you.

Another great way to demonstrate humor in your interaction with her is through teasing or busting her chops.

5. The “I don’t care how you react” attitude

This is similar to being a challenge to women.

This is when you pretend as if you’re not interested in the girl or woman you find attractive, while you demonstrate attractive personality to get her to pursue you.

You see, good-looking women are used to men putting them on a pedestal. Pursuing them and showering them with gifts to profess their love. But truth is, this kind of behavior mostly repels them.

Even when you eagerly cave to her demands, she will only see you as a sweet guy. But not the kind of guy she feels attraction for. (Keep in mind, girls can instinctively tell when a guy is into them.)

Now, when you act differently, pretending as if you’re not interested in them while demonstrating attractive personality, they will find you attractive. And interestingly, be the ones to chase you.

6. Maintaining strong eye contact

Looking women in the eye when talking to them is a behavior women find attractive in a guy.

Not only do women require eye contact to feel attraction for a man, but maintaining eye contact also communicates to them you’re a dominant male.

This also includes checking a woman out for the first time. Or first locking eyes with a woman. If she notices you looking at her, don’t look away until she does.

This communicates to her you’re not afraid of the fact that you are checking her out.

7. Great conversationalist

The man who can hold a lively discussion with a woman is seen as an attractive guy.

When you can talk about anything with a woman in an interesting and exciting manner, it makes you interesting and attractive.

To be a great conversationalist, know how to talk to women. And be able to tell great and funny stories relating to the topic of discussion to keep the conversation going.

Because in the end, it’s the rapport building and connecting with her on an emotional level that makes you stand out from other guys.

8. Being empathic

As you engage a woman in an exciting conversation, you ought to also show empathy.

Women are emotional creatures. And they communicate emotion and feelings. Therefore, you have to demonstrate an understanding of her state or feeling.

When you’re having a conversation with a woman, or she’s telling you something of interest to her, listen attentively to what she says. Encourage her to tell you more about it.

When all is said and done, show empathy. And make her feel what she says is of importance to you.

9. Projecting your se*uality (a.k.a. acting like a man)

This is when you can comfortably talk about s*x. (Of course, without coming across as if you want to score.)

A man who’s not afraid to talk about se*ual topics is attractive to women. Because he’s demonstrating that he is comfortable with his se*uality.

You might think that women hate such talks. But they love it just as much as men do.

Now, the mistake most men make (and you are probably making it too), is playing things safe.

Most men don’t want to offend the woman they feel attraction for, so they deliberately shun such topics.

Sure, it makes sense. But if you keep it up, you will end up in the friend zone (if you haven’t already).

Personally, I wouldn’t advise to be suggestive or talk about s*x when you first meet a girl.

But when things progress, and you are getting to know each other, you have to heat up your conversation. (Thus, if you’re looking to move things into the romantic arena.)

Now, observe her reactions. Make sure she’s comfortable with such conversations. If she isn’t, then she’s probably not comfortable with you.

WARNING: Don’t say things or act in a way that might be considered suggestive. Or as if you want to score.

10. The ability to create physical attraction

This means flirting with women, touching and seductively gazing into her eyes.

When you demonstrate these traits in combination with other personality traits mentioned in this article, women will find you incredibly attractive. And become instantly addicted to you.

Truth is, if you don’t create physical attraction, you risk falling into the friend zone.

11. Being attentive and observant

Otherwise referred to as, noticing the little things.

The trait of being observant and paying attention. The trait of being considerate and thoughtful of others.

Women love flattering. But when done excessively or with ulterior motive becomes a total turn-off.

But complimenting her on the little things the average guy fails to notice will make you stand out. And she will find you attractive.

A woman won’t just fetch that new hairdo, or wear that new sexy shirt or shoe. Of course, she wants you to notice them.

Compliment her on them, instead of complimenting her on her looks and physique. And she will find you attractive.

12. Mysterious and unpredictable

The average guy brags about his nice car and how much money he has and whatnot. This communicates to the girl he’s talking to he’s seeking her approval. And that is unattractive.

To stand out from other guys and get her attracted to you, you need to be mysterious and unpredictable.

Don’t tell a girl everything about yourself in one go. And avoid talking about your achievements or material possessions. In simple terms, don’t brag. Let her discover for herself who you really are, have or possesses.

And with unpredictability, similar to trait #5 – “I have no interest in you” personality, do things contrary to her expectations.

She has something every guy wants and she has the impression you want it too. But when you act contrary to her expectations you become unpredictability. And she will find you attractive and will want you more.

13. A charming personality

A suave gentleman leaves women with nice feelings. Because he has a sophisticated charm. He’s interesting, pleasing or delighting. And every woman finds him attractive. To have a charming personality, tease her, give her nicknames, talk about fun and interesting topics with her, build rapport, and most importantly get her laughing.

14. Demonstrate strength and manliness

Yes, these are what women want in a man. Truth is, no matured woman wants a guy who behaves childish or like an adolescent and irresponsible.

15. A high-value alpha male personality trait

What this simply means is getting rid of jealousy. If you see your girl or the girl you like talking to another guy, don’t go haywire. Instead, let her know it doesn’t faze you at all. Hint: Go talk with other girls (not on purpose, though).

16. Positivity

No one is ever attracted to a person with negative personality traits.

So to get a girl or a woman to find you attractive, you need to exhibit positivity.

In other words, embrace failure. Talk about problems and bad situations in a positive light. Plus, always look for the best in people. This makes you attractive.

So there you have it – the personality traits women find attractive in a guy.

Everyone has some innate qualities or personality traits that a woman finds attractive. If you want to attract a woman and make her fall in love with you, then use what you have to its fullest effect. And then develop the ones you lack.

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