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Good Looks and Attraction: How to Get Girls When You Don’t Have the Male-Model Good Looks

“Learn How to Make Any Girl or Woman Feel A VERY STRONG SEXUAL DESIRE for You and Fall Head-Over-Heels in Love with You in A Relatively Short Time… Guaranteed!”

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Lots of guys believe that they have to be good-looking to attract a girl.

They believe that girls only go after super-good-looking guys.

But this is incorrect.

This is a common misconception that unfortunately stops most guys from approaching girls they find attractive.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a male-model good-looking to attract a girl… in fact, there are uglier guys out there with attractive girlfriends.

Have you ever seen a couple and thought, “HUH? What the hell does she see in him???”

…that’s because the guy has something that is far more important and attractive than good looks.

No doubt, the thing that attracts us to a girl or a woman is her physical appearance… but girls and women are attracted more to something else other than our looks.

Looks aren’t as important to girls and women when it comes to attractiveness.

Now, if looks aren’t important to girls or women, what is it exactly that attracts girls?

It’s a guy’s attractive personality and mannerism

The aura of confidence that we project.

The alpha male behavior we exhibit.

Those emotional and inspiring conversations we engage women in.

Our style.

The romance.

Our sense of humor also plays a vital role.

And other attractive behavior and mannerism that we exhibit.

All these combined draw girls closer to us, and consequently, makes them feel a gut level attraction for us.

These are the things to have to attract a girl to you….

…it’s not good looks. [Read ‘The Personality Traits Women Find Most Attractive in a Guy’ and ‘The #1 Trait that Attracts Women’]

Your personality, attitude, and mannerism are your greatest asset when it comes to dating and attracting girls.

And they are also the only things that can overcome good looks.

As dating expert David DeAngelo has written in his book Attraction Isn’t a Choice, “your personality can outweigh any flaws in physical appearance.”

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You don’t have to be a male-model good-looking to attract a girl.

Also, how you make a girl feel makes her feel a gut-level attraction for you

Girls and women are emotional people…

…they like to feel good, happy, and attractive… so they gravitate toward people who can make them feel that way.

So if a guy can make them feel good, happy, and whatnot, they find him attractive.

Now, a girl or a woman might not feel that ‘attraction at first sight’ to you initially…

…but if you can make her laugh and feel good about herself, she will become naturally attracted to you. [Read: ‘How to Make a Girl Laugh’]

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A girl will feel attracted to a guy based on his attractive personality traits and mannerism, and how he makes her feel.

Looking your absolute best is also key when it comes to attractiveness

Yes, you can make girls feel ‘gut level’ attraction for you with your attitude… but you also have to groom yourself to look attractive.

To borrow a phrase from dating expert Joseph Matthews, “we cannot control how good-looking or ugly we are… but we CAN control our appearance.”

So in addition to honing and developing an attractive personality and mannerism, try to look your best always…

…this includes your skin, hairstyle, facial hair, and clothing.

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Looking your absolute best is also key to attracting girls to you.

Sure, good looks give a guy the advantage…

…but it doesn’t keep a girl.


…because looks fade quickly.

Good looks can help with initial attraction.

A good-looking guy rarely ever has any problem getting a positive reaction from girls or women when he approaches or talks to them.

But the truth is, a woman or a girl is not attracted to a guy based solely on his physical attributes.

Goods looks are not what will ultimately make a girl desire a guy.

“Attractive guys already have a good head start by being visually appealing to women, as we know. But just because you’ve got looks doesn’t mean your game is guaranteed. Looks only get your foot in the door. She can still shove you out and slam it shut,” says dating expert Carlos Xuma.

So yes, a girl will see a good-looking guy and she might be attracted to him at that instant.

But again, looks fade quickly… eventually, she will be over it.

So while a girl will be interested in looks to some degree, she will feel more attracted to the guy who exhibits attractive behaviors and most importantly makes her feel.

While girls may be interested in looks to some degree, they are more attracted to a guy who exhibits attractive behaviors and mannerism.

The good-looking guys with gorgeous girlfriends?

True, most good-looking guys are seen with gorgeous girls.

But what you need to know is that there is more to these good-looking guys than just their good looks.

It’s their attractive personality traits and mannerism that got them the girls… and will keep the girls.

If good looks alone were all they had going for them, it would not make much sense for the ugly guys who also have beautiful girlfriends.

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How you look is less important than the way you make a girl feel.

Final Words

Again, you don’t have to be a male model good-looking to attract a girl.

Take confidence in the fact that, there are uglier guys out there with attractive girlfriends… plus, there are good-looking guys who have a hard time getting girls.

When you meet a girl or a woman you find attractive… strive to exhibit attractive personality traits and mannerisms to get her attraction mechanism started.

Your personality, attitude, and mannerism are your greatest asset when it comes to dating and attracting girls.

This is how a girl will find you attractive and will want to be around you.

This is the secret behind having gorgeous girls to be with you.

If you exhibit attractive personality traits, you can get any girl to find you attractive – no matter how little-handsome you are.

Don’t obsess over your looks…

…because you can’t really change who you are.

As dating expert Joseph Matthews has written, “when we try to make things more complicated, we add extra obstacles and barriers to our happiness that should not be there. Looking in the mirror and obsessing over how ugly you are is a barrier that makes things more complicated for you.”

“If you think your looks are holding you back, then guess what? They ARE going to hold you back. Subconsciously and consciously. On the other hand, if you act as though your looks are not an issue, they won’t be,” says dating expert Carlos Xuma.

You can get any girl attracted to you with your personality than you will with physical attractiveness alone.

If you’re good-looking, great. But you still need more.

If you don’t have the looks, fret not… you can attract women or girls with your personality.

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