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The Missionary Sex Position

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The missionary position is the sex position where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread or opened, and the man gets on top of her and in-between her legs.

The missionary position is by far the most common sex position.

“Missionary position is the most popular sexual position. In fact, if a couple only has sex in one position, it’s probably going to be a missionary,” says sex expert Gabrielle Moore.

This sexual position is great for creating intimacy… It allows face-to-face contact thereby making passionate kissing very easy.

Missionary Sex Position
The Standard Missionary Sex Position

The missionary position and the female orgasm

The missionary position is great for its intimacy…

…but the downside to this position is that it is difficult to give a woman vaginal orgasms.

This is because the location of the orgasmic spots inside the vagina are on the front vaginal wall.

However, with a simple modification or tweak, the missionary position can be one of the most orgasm-giving positions there is.

For instance…

…when you put a pillow under the woman’s buttocks

This is a great posture for giving your woman vaginal orgasms during intercourse…

…because the angle of penetration makes it easier to hit the G-spot and the A-spot.

As you thrust in and out of your woman in this posture, you will be rubbing against her orgasmic spot and it is you will likely give her vaginal orgasms very easily.

The next posture to adapt to give your woman vaginal orgasms is…

…when you put her legs on your shoulders

The Missionary Sex Position

Here, you penetrate your woman in the basic missionary position as usual… and then you put her legs on your shoulder.

As you thrust in and out of her in this posture, you will be hitting her G-spot or rubbing against it and you’re sure to give her a vaginal orgasm.

Similar to the above posture is…

…when you hold her legs up or push her knees towards her

So instead of putting her legs on your shoulder, you grab her upper legs and put her feet up as you thrust in and out of her… or push her knees towards her.

Other postures that guarantee a vaginal orgasm in the missionary position

  • When she bends her legs down into your chest and you pull her hips up toward you. The angle of penetration is ideal for hitting or rubbing against the G-spot.
  • When she locks her feet at your back and you lift her hips.

…in fact, as long as her vagina is tilted to allow you to hit or rub against her G-spot, the missionary position can be one of the most orgasm-giving positions there is.

missionary sex position
Explicit photo of the missionary sex position

So there you have it…

…the missionary position.

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