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The Labia Minora… And The Female Sexual Pleasure And Arousal

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The Labia Minora is a part of the vulva.

Also known as the inner labia, the inner vaginal lips, or the little lips, it is one pair of vaginal lips that cover the vaginal and urethral openings.

Found behind the labia majora (the outer lips), the labia minora is smaller in size as compared to the labia majora.

Just like the labia majora, the labia minora also overlays and protects the vaginal and urethral openings… and stops bacteria from entering the vagina and leading to infections.

These lips enfold and surround the clitoral glans (the head of the clitoris), forming a hood (clitoral hood) over the clitoral glans… and then meet at the bottom of the vaginal entrance – just above the perineum (the general region or spot between the vagina and the anus).

The labia minora greatly vary in size from one woman or girl to another. And though, it’s usually found behind the outer lips (the labia majora), some women or girls have their lips wide and flare outward or extended past their outer lips (labia majora).

Labia Minora and The Labia Majora
The Labia Minora and The Labia Majora

The Labia Minora and the Female Sexual Pleasure and Arousal

The labia minora is an erogenous zone and plays an important role in female sexual arousal.

It is rich in sensitive nerve fibers and is extremely sensitive to erotic touch and stimulation.

When a woman (or a girl) becomes sexually aroused via foreplay, the erectile tissue of the labia becomes engorged with blood, making it extremely sensitive to erotic touch and stimulation during cunnilingus (oral sex).

Particularly, a warm wet tongue on the labia minora feels amazing to a woman… and produces extreme pleasure for women and has them dripping wet in no time.

Beneath the skin of the labia minora is a network of erectile tissue that engorges with blood when the woman or girl is sexually aroused… causing the lips to change color (darkening with the engorgement of blood), swell to nearly twice their normal size, and become extremely sensitive to erotic touch and stimulation.

An interesting fact

Parts of the clitoris run under the labia lips… the clitoral structures surround and extend along and within the labia, making them highly sensitive to erotic touch and stimulation.

And there you have it…

…the labia minora, a.k.a. the inner labia, the inner vaginal lips, the little lips.

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I hope this short article has given you an insight into the labia minora…

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