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The video (above) supported by this article applies to both men and women… but it applies more to women.

Don’t Fall in Love Too Fast

A person can become too important to you that you start obsessing over them, convinced that they’re suddenly “the one”.

Truth is, this perfect person might not be as perfect as you thought.

The person you’re obsessing over might not love you the same way you love them.

A person can have all the qualities that make them good relationship material but may have certain attitudes and behaviors that are undesirable.

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Before you fall deeply in love with someone…

…make sure you can trust and rely on them. And most importantly, make sure they’re putting the same effort into the relationship as you are.

If you let yourself fall in love with someone before you have them at the same level of involvement, you’re going to set yourself up for heartbreak, despair, and any number of other negative emotions.

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