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Is It Good to Touch a Girl the First Time Meeting Her?

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Question: Is it good to touch a girl the first time meeting her?



Not only does it set the tone for how you want your interactions with her to be going forward, but if from the very beginning of meeting a girl you give her the impression that you’re not afraid to touch her or that you casually touch people, she will accept that that’s a part of your personality and it’s just who you are…

…and will be receptive to future touches or physical contacts from you.

Just steer clear of touching any private parts of her body… like her chest area, breas.ts, bu.tt, thi.ghs, and crot.ch.

Don’t be afraid to touch a girl you’ve just met…

…touch her as if it’s completely natural and as if you’ve known each other for a long time.

Here, keep it light and gentle, and don’t linger too long. Remove your hand before she attempts to pull back. The last thing you want is for a girl to take your hand off her – how embarrassing will that be?

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