Question: Is it good to tell a girl you like her?


It depends.

If you mean by verbalizing or expressing in words, then I wouldn’t advise it.

But if you want to know if it’s good to let a girl know by intuition that you like her, then yes, it is.

Going with the latter, and rephrasing it: Is it good to let a girl know you like her?

Yes, it is…

…because, most girls don’t show their affection and interest in a guy until they can tell the guy likes them or is interested in them.

If you don’t tell (show) a girl you like her, she will think that you don’t like her… hence, she will be distant and unresponsive to you.

I’ve written a post on how to tell a girl you like her. You can read it here: ‘How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

You should not verbalize to a girl you like

You see, when it comes to girls, your words don’t really matter, it’s your actions that do…

you show, you don’t tell.

So instead of telling a girl, you like her, show it through your actions.

Saying how you feel is much less effective as showing it.