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If You Can Do This to a Girl without Getting Bitch-Slapped, She Will Be Open to Kissing You

There’s a powerful technique the bad boys use to make girls want to get intimate with them.

It is a technique the average guy is afraid to use.

…because the average guy thinks when he uses it on the girl he desires, he is going to make her uncomfortable. And lose her or scare her away.

Though it’s amazingly simple, when done the wrong way, it will signal to the girl that you are trying to get into her pants.

So what technique am I talking about here?

It’s none other than touching a girl.

If a girl will allow a guy to touch her on certain areas or parts of her body without retreating, then she will be open to kissing him.

Being Physical with Girls

PHYSICALLY touching a girl demonstrates DOMINANCE.

It communicates to a girl that you are an alpha male and you are confident with touching girls. [Keep in mind that girls are attracted to guys with confidence.]

And touching girls make them comfortable with a guy sexually.

And speaking of sexually…

If you can successfully touch a girl on her face, neck, chest area, buttocks, and even inner thigh, without the girl retreating, slapping you, or kicking you in the nuts, then she’s sexually attracted to you. And you can try and kiss her and she will not push you away.

Truth is, the more you touch a girl in a sexual way, the more comfortable she will be with you. And the more comfortable she is with you, the more you can make a move in ways that won’t get you rejected.

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open to kissing
If you can touch intimate and sexual parts of a girl’s body without her retreat, she will be open to kissing you.

Moving forward

If a girl allows you to touch her in the middle of her back, hips, and allows you to put your arm around her waist without retreating then it means she feels affection toward you.

If she reacts negatively, then it means it’s either you are moving too fast. Or that she’s not comfortable with you touching her. Or probably she is into someone else and doesn’t want you touching her in a sexual way.

Now, when you are able to move on to touching a girl on her face, neck, chest area, put your hand on her buttock, and touch her inner thigh, then it means she is completely comfortable with you… and here, you can take things to the next level.

If you notice that you can touch a girl in these intimate areas or parts of her body in a sexual way, without being punched in the face, bitch-slapped, kicked in the nuts, or get sued for sexual harassment, then she will be open to kissing you and will be willing to take things to the next level.

So there you have it…

…when a girl is open to kissing you.

When a girl is really into you and feels comfortable with you touching intimate and sexual parts of her body, thenshe will be open to kissing you.

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