If A Girl Plays Hard to Get, What Should I Do?

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Question: If a girl plays hard to get, what should I do?


Use it to your advantage.

…withdraw your attention and pretend you’re NOT interested in her.

If she’s a new girl, back off from pursuing her further and spark her attention and desire from afar.

Lemme explain

A girl is going to play hard to get the moment she realizes you are interested in her… and particularly will want to get into her pants.

…and girls do this to make us guys chase them.

But you see, when you chase a girl, you raise her power… and with that, she can easily manipulate you or control you to her advantage.

In short, she’ll own you… and you don’t want that.

Besides, a girl is only going to go into “HARDER to get” mode when she gets the chase that she wants… and getting what you set out to get from her – romance, relationship, whatever – will be harder than it needs to be. Or it will take a very long time to get it.

So, if a girl plays hard to get, don’t give her the chase she wants…

…the best strategy is to use it to your advantage.

Withdraw your attention and reduce your availability to her – don’t call or text her.

And don’t jump to answer your phone so quickly when she calls… let it ring for a while. Heck, you can ignore her calls when you’re busy or somewhat occupied.

And don’t respond to her texts right away.

Withdraw your attention but spark her interest and desire from afar.

This turns the tables… and she will be the one pursuing you

Girls are used to having guys vehemently pursuing them – kissing up to them and satisfying their every whim.

But when you give a girl the impression that you have options and you can easily replace her with another girl, you send a powerful message.

She will see you as a challenge… she’ll realize that you’re the type of guy she cannot play games with.

…and this will amp up her attraction for you and induce her to be more interested in you.

Her next step will be to try to get your attention and make you interested in her. And here, she will wear something to excite you so that you will make a move on her.

…a move she’ll be more receptive to without playing hard to get.

When it comes to making a girl WANT you to the extent that she will be the one chasing you – calling you all the time and whatnot…

…you will want to get your alpha game together and stand out from the rest of the guys she encounters and interacts with.

You have to give her the impression that you are the one with the goods and she is the one who needs something you have.

…and that she is easily replaceable.


When you have your game together, when you’re able to cause girls to feel a strong ATTRACTION and DESIRE for you, you can have any girl literally begging to be your girlfriend.

You won’t have to work so hard to get girls.

You’ll have girls calling you and sending you messages because they can’t get you off of their minds.

Keep in mind girls need us more than we need them.

So, there you have it…

…what to do if a girl plays hard to get.

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