Question: I want to tell a girl I like her what should I do?


First off, take her out and give her a good time.

You can go to the mall and have fun there.

You can attend a fair, music events, plays, etc… and have a good time with her.

Here, hold hands interlocking fingers with hers as you walk around with her, hug her, cuddle her and kiss her on the forehead or cheek at the opportune moments. Not only will this let her know you like her, but it will also create a feeling of closeness.

Next, give her unexpected small gifts… like sunglasses, matching caps or a mug with the inscription “Best Friend Ever”.

Also, be attentive to her… open doors for her and let her go in first. When you’re getting into a cab, open the door for her. When you’re getting into a building (not her place) open the door for her.

I go into detail on how to tell a girl you like her in another post. Read it here: ‘How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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