I Can’t Find My Clitoris… How Do I Find My Clitoris?

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Question: I can’t find my clitoris… how do I find my clitoris?


The image below should help you know where your clitoris is and exactly what it looks like:

Closeup of the Female Genitalia
A closeup of the female genitalia and the visible part of the clitoris.

Look at your pussy, your vulva

…spread the vaginal lips (the labia majora) with your fingers, and at the top where the vagina lips meet together or split, you will see a fold of skin (we call this fold of skin the clitoral hood).

The clitoris is under this fold of skin.

…pull back the fold of skin and you will see a tiny pink organ underneath, that is the clitoris (accurately, the head of the clitoris).

Or try this…

Sit in front of a mirror then part your vaginal lips…

…afterward, pull back the fold of skin at the top of your vagina where the vagina lips meet together or split…

You will see a tiny pink organ… that’s your clitoris (or the head of the clitoris, to be precise.)

So, there you have it…

…how to find your clitoris.

Your clitoris is just above the vaginal opening (or the vagina hole).

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