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How to Touch a Girl for The First Time and Afterward

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If you want your relationship with the girl you desire to move beyond friendship, you must start being touchy-feely with her.

Holding hands and interlocking fingers with a girl, hugging her, and playfully hitting each other, is a great way to make her feel comfortable with you… to strengthen the rapport and connection you want to build with her.

Now, how do you get from “Hi! My name is…” to hugging and cuddling and all other affectionate touching and a kiss on her forehead?

It begins with a simple touch of your hand.

In this article, I share with you how to touch a girl for the first time and make affectionate touching a casual thing for both of you.

Let’s begin.

First… the places to touch a girl for the first time and then the places to touch as your relationship progresses

Where to touch a girl for the first time when you’re getting to know her:

  • Her arm
  • Her shoulders
  • The top of her back
  • Her hand
  • Her wrist

As your relationship progresses, you can touch…

  • her elbow
  • the middle of her back
  • her waist
  • her hips (specifically, the area just above where her bu.tt starts.)

Now, let’s move on to how to touch a girl… we look at some examples of how to start touching a girl and WHEN to touch a girl.

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How to Touch a Girl for The First Time


…touch less during the first few meetings before you go full touchy-feely on a girl. You want to condition her with the touch of your hand and set the tone for how you want your interactions with her to be – PHYSICAL. When she gets to know you physically engage with people, she will be more receptive to your physical contact with time.

That being said, given below are some examples of how to touch a girl or how to make physical contact with a girl:

  1. When you come up behind her… gently put your hands on her shoulders or her back to make her aware of your presence. Remove your hand after a few seconds.
  2. When she’s wearing a distinctive watch or bracelet… Gently take her hand (touching her hand and the watch or bracelet) make a comment about it or compliment her on the bracelet or how nice her watch is. Don’t hold her hand for too long… let go before she does. [Read: ‘How to Make a Girl Feel Special, Loved and Desired’]
  3. Touch her to emphasize a point. Lightly and briefly touch her arm when emphasizing a point.
  4. When you want to tell her something interesting that you just thought of… get close to her and briefly touch her on the arm.
  5. Place your hand on her back when whispering something into her ear.
  6. Supposedly you’re on a date – when you two stand up and you start walking out… place your hand on the side of her hips (just above where her bu.tt starts) or her lower back and walk out together. Remove your hand afterward.
  7. When you open a door for her… lead her in or out with your hand on her lower back.
  8. When you’re walking together somewhere… offer her your hand. Hold her hand to lead her around.
  9. When you’re walking into a place or through a crowd… offer her your hand or arm to guide her through.
  10. When crossing a street… offer her your arm.

There’re several ways to touch a girl or make physical contact with them…

…so find opportunities to touch the girl you’re with.

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Notice her response

Be very aware when you touch a girl.

Is she receptive to your touches?

When you try to hold hands, does she keep her hand in yours, or does she try to pull it away as soon as she can?

Notice her response. [Read: ‘11 Obvious Signs a Girl Is Not Interested in You: An Indication to Move On’]

If she is receptive, that’s a positive sign she’s comfortable with you touching her. If she is comfortable with you, she too will occasionally touch you back. [Read: ‘How to Tell If a Girl Likes You’ and ‘How to Tell If a Girl Is Interested in You’]

But if you sense some resistance when touching a girl for the first time, then she’s probably not comfortable with you yet. Or you’re touching her too much too soon… then slow down.

If the two of you are comfortable touching each other, start holding hands interlocking fingers with hers. [Read: ‘63 Signs a Girl Gives Off That Signal Her Attraction and Interest in a Guy’]

Be very aware when you touch a girl.

Now, here’re some ground rules…

Don’t touch or put your hand on any private part of a girl’s body unless she wants you to or until you can tell she’s really into you.

Keep your hands away from her chest area, brea.sts, bu.tt, thi.ghs, and cro.tch.

This is very intrusive and you can only successfully touch a girl in these areas if she is completely comfortable with you and really into you.

Also, hold off on any intimate touching until much later.

When you first meet a girl, have self-control. It’s difficult for many of us to hold back… we long for the soft touch of a girl’s flesh and thus start fondling girls far too early.

Don’t touch private parts of a girl’s body nor grope her far too soon… get her attracted and really into you first, then you will have a free pass to do whatever you want. [Read: ‘How to Be Attractive and Attract Girls to You’ and ‘How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You’]

Also read: What Makes Girls Feel Attraction for Guys

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Steer clear of touching a girl’s private parts until she wants you to.

Intimate Touching

If you notice you can touch a girl’s private parts of her body without her reacting badly, then you have a free pass to do whatever you want. [Read: ‘If You Can Do This Without Getting Slapped, She’s Ready to Be Kissed’]

If things are progressing well and you can tell the girl is completely comfortable with you touching her, you would want to move in for some intimate touching.

As a dating expert, Carlos Xuma has written in his book ‘The Seduction Method’, “Use touch to express your sensual interest… but with discretion.”

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FAQ: What Is Considered Intimate Touches to a Girl?

Use touch to express your sensual interest, but with discretion.

So there you have it…

…how to touch a girl for the first time and afterward.

It is important that a girl starts feeling comfortable with your touch immediately… so strive to make physical contact right from the beginning of meeting her. [Read: ‘Be Someone Who Casually Touches Girls’]

Make touching a natural part of your personality.

Don’t be afraid and hesitant to touch a girl… touch her as if it’s completely natural and as if you’ve known each other for a long time.

When you start out, keep your touches light and don’t linger too long. Remove your hand before she attempts to pull back. The last thing you want is for a girl to take your hand off her – how embarrassing will that be? So again, keep your touches light.

Be gentle with your touches too… no rough grabs. You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable and ruin your encounter.

Again, there you have it… how to touch a girl, how to touch her for the first time and afterward.

I hope this article has given you a deep insight into how to touch a girl for the first time and afterward.

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