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How to Tell If a Woman Is Interested in You

This article is about how to tell if a woman is interested in you.

One of the things that give most guys the most anxiety when it comes to women is fear of rejection… the fear of getting rejected when they try to befriend a woman that they find attractive… the fear of getting rejected when they ask a woman out… the fear of being rejected when they make a move on a woman.

Now, knowing that a woman is interested in you is the best feeling you could ever have…

…it is one of the things that gives guys relief and hope.

Here, you can express your interest in a woman or make your move on a woman without fear of rejection or without worrying about an unfavorable outcome – knowing that the woman is interested in you. … and that the woman will be receptive and responsive to your advances.

Plus, knowing where you stand with a woman (if she’s interested in you or she isn’t) will help you decide whether or not to pursue her further.

That being said…

…in this short article, I share with you how to tell if a woman is interested in you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Tell If a Woman Is Interested in You

If she’s a new woman – the following tells (or it’s likely that) she’s interested in you:

  1. If you notice her checking you out – constantly staring at you.
  2. If you make eye contact with her, and she holds your gaze for a while then looks away. This is an invitation to come over and talk to her.
  3. If she walks up to you and says “Hi”, or “Hey”, or “Hello”, to try to strike up a conversation with you. In other words, if a woman drops into your arms.
  4. If she acts nervous or feels nervous around you – for instance, if she fidgets or plays with objects like her bracelet or earrings, twirls her hair, and whatnot.
  5. If she asks for your phone number and seems enthusiastic to want to see you again.

In other situations:

  • If a woman compliments you on just about anything.
  • If the woman copies your mannerisms – do exactly what you do, adapt a similar posture to yours, etc.
  • If she constantly leans into you and touches you.
  • If she smiles and laughs at just about anything you say.
  • If a woman is suddenly unfriendly to you – gives you the cold shoulder. This can be as a result of jealousy (seeing you with another woman) or if she thinks that you led her on.
  • If she remarks about the women in your life, including asking if you’re seeing someone or if you have a girlfriend, and whatnot.

When it’s a woman you’re friends with:

  1. If she calls or texts you often to want to talk or chat.
  2. If she always wants to hang out with you. (Note: This can mean she likes you and only likes to hang out with you. So, you should only conclude that a woman is interested in you when you notice other signs from her.)
  3. If she hangs out with you for hours – not looking to leave anytime soon.
  4. When she is nicely dressed and smells incredibly nice only to hang out with you.
  5. If she often brings up the subject of sex or initiates a topic of sexual nature including bringing up a sexual situation of a friend of hers.
  6. If she tells you about her sexual preference – what she likes in bed and whatnot.
  7. If she’s touchy-feely with you.
  8. If she willingly offers to do chores for you or is eager to do things with you.
  9. If she gives you gifts.
  10. If she hints that she’s single when you don’t even ask her.

The following are big indicators:

  • When she comes over to your place and she’s dressed sexily, such as wearing a see-through or revealing top or wearing a top that makes her boobs outrageously visible… this is intentional to arouse you in the hopes that you make a move on her.
  • If she alludes to both of you being in a relationship – going on dates, having sex, marrying, having kids – or being boyfriend and girlfriend, and whatnot.
  • If she often and intentionally makes allusive and sexually suggestive remarks – in other words, if she’s being sexually suggestive (that is, subtly using words with a sexual connotation, and alluding remarks to sex including using “That’s what she said” jokes.
  • If she’s intimately physical with you (in a sexual way)
  • If she stares at you seductively – gaze into your eyes and hold your gaze without saying anything.
  • When she comes over to your place and she deliberately sits or positions herself in a way that draws your attention to her genitals or boobs… most women do this to encourage us to make a move on them.

Now, you can tell a woman is interested in you if you can successfully do the following:

  • If you hold and lock hands with her and she doesn’t seem to want to let go.
  • If you touch her in a sexual way – like touch her in her inner thigh – and she doesn’t pull away.
  • And finally, if you try to kiss her or even succeed and she’s receptive to it.

So, there you have it…

…how to tell if a woman is interested in you.

There are lots of things a woman will do – both subconscious and deliberate – that tell she’s interested in you.

Some signals are subtle – which will be easy to miss if you don’t pay attention, while others will be so obvious to give you a hint and to get you to make a move.

Now understand…

To be certain that a woman is really interested in you, you will have to look for more than one signal or sign from her.

For instance, the fact that a woman hangs out with you a lot doesn’t necessarily mean she’s interested in you… it could be that she only likes you and enjoys your company or she’s often bored and needs some company or because of some other benefits that she gets from you.

So, to be certain that a woman is really interested in you, you will have to look for more than one signal or sign from her.

Here’s an example:

If a woman wants to or hangs out with you all the time and she comes over to your place and she’s always dressed sexily and smells nice and is touchy-feely with you at times and doesn’t pull away when you get intimately physical with her…

…this is enough to conclude that the woman is interested in you.


Women have tons of guys pursuing them…

…the average woman has dozens of guys calling and messaging her, guys trying everything they can to impress her to get her. In other words, you’re highly likely competing with other guys for a particular woman’s attention and time.

So, if a woman often calls you or texts (chat) you and you talk or chat on the phone with her for hours, if a woman hangs out with you and spends hours…

…that should tell you one thing, that she’s interested in you. [Read: ‘How to Tell a Woman Has Feelings for You’]

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So again, there you have it…

…how to tell if a woman is interested in you.

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Moving on.

I hope this article has given you an insight into how to tell if a woman is interested in you…

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