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How to Meet Girls (for Friendship, Dating, and Whatnot)

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Meeting girls is the first step toward getting to know them and starting a relationship with them.

Whether you’re looking to make new female friends or find a girl to date, you will need to meet them first.

In this article, I share with you how to meet girls.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

If you want to meet girls, you will need to get the basics covered…

…your appearance

By this, I DON’T mean you need to be good-looking…

…I mean how neat you dress and whatnot.

So before you go out to meet girls or find a girl you like, try to always look your best… this makes girls respond to you favorably when you initiate a conversation with them.


Always look your best whenever you’re going out in public because you never know when you will meet a girl you like.

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Moving on…

…make sure you look good and presentable.

Wear simple and nice decent clothes and shoes.

Wear clothes or shirts that fit.

Understand: you don’t have to spend so much money on clothes and shoes to look presentable… just go simple and decent.


…make sure you don’t have an unsightly nose and ear hair sticking out.

It’s an instant turnoff.

So keep all your nose and ear hair trimmed. Including, eyebrows.

Also, keep your finger and toenails short, clean, and neat. And ensure there’s no dirt underneath your nails.

You would want to walk up to girls and talk to them, right?

…so make sure that you will be smelling good as well.

You don’t want to emit and hit girls with unpleasant odors.

Unpleasant body odor, most especially foul breath, is a turn-off for not only girls but for all people…

…so make sure that your teeth are clean and your breath is great.

Brush your teeth and scrub your tongue.

Use mouthwash and always carry breath mints with you.

Shave your armpits to reduce foul odors.

Shower before going out – to stay clean and fresh.

Use a good deodorant and put on a nice perfume when you’re going out. With perfume, get one that lasts for about 5 to 8 hours. Here, don’t overdo it… no perfume is better than a lot of perfume.

If you’re dressed like a bum and smell bad, no girl will want to be around you.

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If you’re dressed like a bum and smell bad, no girl will want to be around you.

With that out of the way, let’s get started on how to meet girls.

How to Meet Girls: The Process

#1. Go to places where girls are more likely to be

Parties and social events…

…such as new year’s parties, valentine’s day parties, Halloween parties, campus events, etc.

These are places where girls go to socialize and have fun. And they will be more open to meeting new people.

The beach is also a great place to meet girls. Beaches are swarmed with girls because there are lots of fun things done at the beach that attract girls there.

Next, you can also participate in other outdoor and social activities that are heavily attended by females, including even signing up for community volunteer work.

Think of the places where girls will be, then go there.

If you want to meet a particular type of girl…

…then go to the places that are designed to help you meet that particular type of girl.

For instance, if you want to meet a wild party girl, nightclubs are packed with lots of them.

If you want to meet the religious type, you will have to go to religious places like the church.

Think about where the type of girl that you would like to meet would likely be… then start going to these places and hang out there.

Nightclubs are a sure place to find single girls

Not only do girls go to nightclubs to have fun… but they also go there to meet other people and socialize.

Just note that a great deal of the girls you meet here will be party girls… and they will be the hardest ones to have a stable relationship with.

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If you want to meet girls, you have to find the places that are designed to help you meet girls.

Next on how to meet girls is to…

…go to places of interest or participate in things you enjoy (#2.)

If you’re into arts, hang out at the art gallery or go to art festivals.

If you’re into water sports like surfing, kayaking, parasailing, jet-skiing, and flyboarding, go to the beach.

If you like dancing, find a dance class and sign up.

You will meet girls here.

The great thing about going to places of interest and participating in things you enjoy is that here you will meet girls you share a common interest with or enjoy the same thing with.

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The best way to meet girls is to appeal to a common interest.

#3. You can also meet girls through your friends and colleagues

The more social you are, the more girls you will meet through your friends and colleagues.

How do you go about this?


Hang out with them.

Tag along if they have something going on.

Invite them out to parties and social events yourself.

Keep in touch with them via phone, text messaging, whatever – call them up, ‘WhatsApp’ them, and interact with them regularly.

In the end, you’re going to meet girls through them – either their female friends or female friends of their friends.

Here’s a secret tip:

Be of value to friends and colleagues… encourage them, be positive, be a good friend, and make them enjoy your company.

The more fun, positive and optimistic you are, the more your friends and colleagues will like you and will want to hang out with you more, and consequently, get to meet their female friends.

Positivity is attractive… and you will have people gravitate towards you when you project it.

Meeting girls through your female friends…

Hang out with your female friends as well… and give them a good time.

They will have female friends that they will try to hook you up with.

Here, get your current female friends to trust you and see you as a cool, nice guy. You accomplish this by engaging them in an emotional conversation and taking them out on a friendly outing (ask them to join you when appropriate). Let them feel comfortable, loved, and happy around you.

Now, since they already know you’re cool and all that, they will hype you up to their female friends and eventually introduce you to them or hook you up.

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The more social you are, the more girls you will meet through your friends and colleagues.

#4. You can also try meeting girls through social media and dating sites

Social media and online dating websites are also great places and a great way to meet girls.

Most specifically, online dating websites are a real opportunity to meet single girls.

If you’re the shy type, you should give this a try… not only to meet girls but to also increase your experience with them since you can practice everything in slow motion.

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So there you have it…

…how to meet girls.

There are tons of ways and places to meet girls.

In fact, anywhere you see a girl – on the street, in shopping places, on a train, bus, and even in the elevator – are all good places to meet girls. [Read: ‘Places to Meet Single Girls’]

I hope this article has given you deep insight into how to meet girls.

Do you find this article helpful? Then share and tell people about it. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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