How to Make a Girl Want You

Kezia Noble is the world’s leading female dating expert for men.

She’s the published author of best-selling book “Noble Art of Seducing Women”.

This video is about how to make women want you – women you think are out of your league.

Here, Kezia talks about how to make a woman want you if she considers you not her type.

You see, every guy has his own particular taste when it comes to women. And women or girls have their taste in men, too.

Just as a guy would be reluctant to approach or date a girl because he thinks she’s not his type, a woman will also be reluctant to date a guy she thinks is not her type.

One woman might prefer tall, large muscle guys. Another might be into thin blue-eyed guys with blonde hair.

Every girl has her own particular taste in a guy. And you won’t know until she tells you.

Now, the question is how do you fix this?

How do you sneak around her ‘taste’ and get her attracted to you, even when it ‘seems’ you’re out of her league?


…have an inner game and display a top-notch personal appearance.

“This will outmatch what her initial type is”, says Kezia Noble.

Don’t do what most guys do

Don’t take yourself out of the game before you even get a chance to play.

Don’t think she’s so beautiful and she must be out of your league, therefore you can never get a girl like that…

As Kezia Noble said in this video, “This kind of excuse keeps you in your comfort zone. They stop you from perfecting your game. They stop you from perfecting your technique”

Even if she isn’t immediately attracted to you (which is a common thing, because very few women are instantly attracted to a guy, even the good-looking ones) you still have what it takes to get her attracted to you.

Here’s how to make a woman want you

Now, what does it mean to have an inner game and display a top-notch personal appearance?

First, firmly believe that you have what it takes to succeed with women.

Don’t be preoccupied with what you think it’s her type.

Have the mentality that you may be just her type. And even if she doesn’t like you now, she WILL eventually.

Look in the mirror and repeat the following statement to yourself:

  • “I don’t need to have a lot of hair to attract a woman. I see beautiful women with bald men all the time.”

The second proven tactic on how to make girls want you:

Now, you don’t know what she specifically likes in a guy… but this will ULTIMATELY get her attraction started…

…create a ‘chemistry’ with her, make her feel that ‘tension’ and ‘desire’ for you. (If you know what I mean).

How do you do this?

It starts by having the right body language and demonstrating your inner qualities.

This includes showing confidence, having a sense of humor, making strong eye contact with her, etc.

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Next, demonstrate non-neediness.

In other words, don’t prove yourself to her. As Kezia said, “Don’t be the girl’s type”

Instead, be a challenge.

An attractive woman is used to guys acting nice to her and seeking her approval.

Now, in order to get her attracted to you, you must come off as a challenge. Let her be the one to prove herself to you.

An effective way to do this is to use the “Push and Pull” strategy.

Here’s when one minute you’re touching her and providing a pleasurable experience. Then the next minute, you’re pushing her away.

Now, what this does is that the woman will have conflicting feelings. She thinks you might want her but isn’t quite sure because you’re giving her mixed signals about your attraction…

…and it’s driving her nuts.

Women like it when they have to work for a guy’s affection. And a guy who successfully sends mixed signal will get girls all over him.

As the saying goes, “It’s human nature to want what they can’t have”.

While at it, playfully tease her a bit.

For instance, when you ask her about her day, and she responds, “not bad” or “okay”, tell her jokingly that she’s “boring” or “lame”.

Summing it all up

All in all, confidence, humor, challenge and teasing are ultimately desirable to all women, whether you’re her type or not.

And as Kezia said, “When a woman does end up with a guy who’s not her type, the attraction is always more intense, it’s always stronger”

So that’s how to make a woman want you more when it seems you’re out of her league.

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